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Green Card on an Airplane

December 10, 2012

Whenever I come across people who have a vision for their lives, I have laughed to my hearts content. None of them seem to factor in the God-affect. You never know when the shit hits the fan. Nevertheless, it is very important to have a plan for life. To at least live peacefully in a hallucinated form of existence. That gives the mind some peace. To know you are going somewhere. This may or may not be the case, depending on the school of thought you subscribe to.

I, never have had plans. Seeing such dances of life around my existence, some part of me always resigned to the fact that everything is destiny. Though I very badly have wanted to plan my life and its life events. I guess I have lived 30 years just wanting to make a plan. When I was 20 all I wanted was to retire by 30. Now I am 30 and am still in the planning mode. To top it, I am now married and still have no clue how my life (finances and planning and all) is gonna turn out.
I am now drifting away into writing something about a planned life, where as all I wanted to write was about this little tiny 30 second incident that happened on my flight back from India to US. 25+ hours of flying with an Indian crowd and only this 30 second event so strongly influenced me that I only kept thinking about it over and over. I just kept making unsuccessful attempts at trying to understand the sadistic joy humans enjoy.

While descending into the Dallas Airport the beautiful ladies handed over the customs/immigration forms to be filled. As I started filling my form and declaring stuff truthfully, I could see from the corner of my eye the couple (travelling with their baby which kept crying all the time !) next to me kept looking at me with very intent eyes. I was sitting next to them for over 15 hours and they hardly had noticed me. Now, I was the center of their world. They looked at me like I was writing a charitable cheque and they wanted to be the first ones to know the amount the cheque was for. I finished filling the declaration form and as soon as my wrist swung – as it proudly signed my name on the truthful declaration of items and my fingers subtly loosened the grip on the pen while my left hand searched and flipped out the I-94 from below the declaration form, the man from the couple spoke. He came from the corner of my eye to the center of my eye. Now he was the center of my attention. What is that one question that this man sat on for 15 hours ?
I could see his lips part – letting a storm of bad breath let loose and his sleepy eyes took an expression of wonder. He asked ‘Are you not a Green Card holder ?’ ‘No’ I replied and shrugged my shoulders and made a smiley face of whatever. As soon as the muscles on my face completed the expression and as soon as my vocal chords relaxed after uttering the word No, there was an eruption of joy in his entire being as Chariots of fire started playing the background. He was one with the Super Consciousness of God. Nothing could pull him down at this moment. He knew, he had sipped the magic potion of elixir. His face transformed and he was now in raptures of ecstasy. His wondering eyes now had a peace I have seen only in the eyes of true sages. As a catalytic affect, the plane hit an air pocket which caused his hair to bounce and his head slowly bounced on the back rest of his seat. He entire being was bouncing in pride. I could see that even lips can talk. His smile conveyed a deep sense of pride as he lay in his seat with his eyes closed and a sense of achievement all over his being. It was a surge of emotions I have never seen. The couple were so happy to hear that one word. No.

Whatever, I thought to myself and filled up the I-94 waiting anxiously for this long flight to be over. Now, it was his turn to fill out the forms. As he pulled out three passports one of them slipped and fell in front of me. Lo and behold it was a US passport. He looked at me asking me to pick it up for him. While I made an unhelpful attempt and wiggled in my seat he reached for it himself and uttered the golden words in his blissful voice. ‘My daughter is a US citizen.’ I think he was expecting that chariots of fire will play in the background of my head and that I will plunge into divine ecstasy knowing the great feat he had achieved. His daughter was indeed a US citizen. I had to break his little heart. All I said was ‘good for you’ and looked outside and enjoyed the Dallas morning sun.

I kept wondering about these 30 seconds. What is it about an American passport that can give such joy. I have heard that the human mind derives great pleasure from another mans misery. This must be true. But how do you define another mans misery. Is it something you have achieved for which you struggled and strived and finally got it, which the other man did not ?
You keep thinking that the lack of this thing is causing misery to the other man whereas the truth is that may be this thing was very important for you and not the other man. So this thing was never really a desire for the other man.

I wish I had a vision. A plan. An ambition in my life. At least to get a Green Card. Alas, I still will drift in the wind like a dry leaf and put my faith in the Lord and His will.

Roll Tide !