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God and Its formats

March 20, 2011

To know that the Gods as idols and human imagination projected as idols can be misleading. How can we be sure that the image that we see of Lord Krishna or Shiva or any other God, today, is the exact way They look ? If tradition of the Lords is to be believed who have been worshiped since eternity then there is marked difference between how Lord Shiva would have looked in the yore and how He ‘looks’ today. So if Lord Shiva had to manifest to someone, I am betting He will manifest in the way His image is seen these days, or the way He ‘looks’ these days. Which then forces me to wonder, is it our mind that is making these things up for us ?

The Muslims were clever, they never kept any photos or idols.So, no one manifesting there huh.

There are many schools of thought which say if you dedicatedly call on Him for 48 hours or so, rest assured He will manifest. I am not a doctor nor a big deal into neurotic disorders, but I am guessing, since the manifestation is of the current image of the Lord that we have made, it is our mind which is making us believe that He is here. I mean, look at it from the minds point of view. You have tortured that organ for so long. It wants some relief, so it will give you what you want. Its like mountain expeditions where the lack of Oxygen produces hallucinations. You want to see Clint Eastwood, you will see him.

Also, if the manifestation formula is to be believed, i wonder what a Buddhist sees. Nothingness ? Well, then that nothingness is manifesting everyday ! Lucky you Buddhists.

Also, if there actually is a conglomerate of the Lords, who ever decided to make the universe ? Did They divide the work ? Did They even exist before the universe was ? I am sure there was some religion and God even before Jesus Christ paid a visit. Still the man was believing in ‘something’.

The other day I was at a Christian faith healers place listening to a sermon and he was correctly pointing out a few fallacies. He was also of the opinion that one should not become an idolater and keep praying to the cross all the time. Well, after some time, it was prayer time. Where people got down on their knees and were being led by this brother.
I also went down on my knees and started praying with others, a minute into the prayer and I was shocked to hear the prayer words that were being said. I am a sinner and do not deserve mercy but my Great Lord Jesus is so great that He loves me. Lord forgive me.. I am a sinner… sinner sinner ! Damn. I could not take that anymore. I am not a sinner. I did nothing wrong! For a moment I opened my eyes and looked around and I saw people weeping. Inconsolably. I thought man, most of them look like normal everyday people, they probably have never even conned the government and people around. A few lies may have been said but they have all been due to the consequence driven fears that the society has fed us. But I only wondered if all people around me were really such murderers or killers or mother/wife beaters or evil doers that they felt so repentful about. After another minute or so, I felt like a sinner myself. For not crying with the others. ‘God save me from evil’ they said. I wondered, if evil is a force outside of God. What can one be saved from really, when everything is Him ! I wonder what mental phenonmenon can this be termed as.

To pray and to get closer to divinity is always associated with pain and suffering. Of course, praying itself really means that you have separated yourself from God and that you accept and acknowledge that there is a God who will show some mercy if you beg and plead.
If we all have ultimately made God in our images, I would really like to have a motherly image of my God. With whom I can be at peace with and who will just want me to be close and thing would be smoother.