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Medical Image tagging

May 16, 2011

I wonder if what I am about to write has already been done before. A google shows it hasn’t been done. This is inspired by the tagging feature on facebook. I have never tagged my friends in photographs and neither has any one else tagged me in any of the photos, talk about quid pro quo huh.
So, I do understand that tagging can recognize a person in a photograph. So it can pick patterns based on many factors.

My idea is to propose a similar thing for the medical fraternity. There are a lot of diagnostic tests which are based on medical imagery. Or images, in short. Medical reports like X-Rays or CT scans or even ECGs (EEG). There can be a sample set of images which can be tagged under a ‘normal’ category. There can be a certain sample set of images which can be tagged for special conditions. For example, a broken rib or something like that. So the sample set for ‘broken rib’ tags will contain all the images which will have a collective sample set of tagged images for a broken rib. So if a chest x-Ray is passed in for a tag, the tagging software can easily predict what the x-ray really is trying to say.

Or, there can just be a group of doctors on facebook or some place. Any body can upload an image and the doctors can give their opinions as comments.At least this can be used as some guidance to the people in whose countries the medical facilities may not be so advanced.