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Indian Military – What a waste

June 7, 2016


I hate our military. With a passion. I think they are the biggest burden on our economy and fail to do a job expected of of them. From my limited understanding, their job was simply to serve and protect. And time and again they have proven their impotence to deliver on both counts.

Have they ever wondered why they get no respect from the nation ? If you search for it, you can see a few instances – find a few ignorant people who like them – but on the whole, the country isn’t impressed with them, IMO. For eg., compare how common men of America treat their armed forces and then compare how the people of India treat their military. They are a just a secure job. That’s it. I have no respect for most of the men working in the military. When I see a fellow in uniform, I genuinely want to walk up to him and spit in his face  that is if I can’t piss on him. But that’s taking it too far.

There have been occassions where they did serve. Recently, the army was cleaning out a river base for a religious organization to hold a camp! WTF is going on ?
At least this should give an idea to the powers that be. One of them can be that once a month the stationed officers in respective cities clean out their local water bodies.
Or fix local roads. Or help the society in ‘some’ way. If they can sit and ponder, you will never run out of things you can do for the society at large.
You will rarely, if ever, see a military vehicle stopping on a lonely road trying to help someone whose car has broken. Make this your mission. If there is no national emergency, serving citizens in whatever way possible should be your priority.

I have experienced this first hand. The way they close and cordon off roads meant for public use is appalling. You are meant to be civil servants
and integrate with the society. Not pride yourself and cordon off specific areas in residential zones to be
used by your proud asses. It is suppossed to be citizens first, you assholes! If your tiny brains can think – they don’t even have to do that – just look up google maps and see if the road your cordoning off is a shorter link between two arterial roads dont be a dick and close it.

You do a good job in parading people in shows of military might. At least they are good at showman ship – I give them that.

They have mostly beeen a colossal failure at protecting the country.
When the Pathankot airforce base was attacked a few months ago, it took them over 3 days to clear out a limited geographic area and still were beaten by a handful of poorly trained militants. Read that again – The nations most important air base was attacked by a handful of
miscreants and the think tank of the country’s protectors and the men who are given that job, took over THREE days and THREE nights to clear them out. And still couldn’t do a complete job !
And there is news that there were insiders involved. Men, who were supposed to be of honor sold national secrets. After all the benefits they get, they sell their souls for pennies.

I think the mental maturity of people being employed by the military, in all ranks, is weaning. As was shown in the way they handled the Pathankot air base attack. Rewind back to Kargil – What idiot commander hands out a satellite phone to a journalist which was then traced by the Pakistani
military to kill soldiers in Kargil ? All the details were summarised in this letter
Benefits – The ones that I know include free or heavily dicounted travel by road and rail. Free accomodation for family. Free education for kids. Subsidised groceries. Even subsidised alcohol
Basically they never pay tax on anything they buy. Anything ! When they retire they keep getting a hand some pension and the government will give them land parcels and assist in getting petrol pump permits,
food and liquor licenses and God knows what else.
Do you know how hard an average middle class working fella works to be able to provide all this to his family ? And you are getting it for free. You thankless bastards!
Of course, due to YOUR choice of joining the military and YOUR decision to make a career out of it. What does the nation get to hear for all this ? All the cribbing your family does on the hardships they face because you are
in the military. Get real ! Sit them down and tell them that you are not fit for living the average middle class life that most of the country lives. And show them the reality and what a common man goes through. Of course, only
if you yourself know. I know most people serving the armed forces have done so for generations. So I won’t blame you if your parents never sat your sorry ass down and told you what real life is all about. Carry on, in the infinite
ignorance of the real life challenges 90% of the nation faces.

Bereft of honesty, the organization is infested with scams. I started hearing about it when there was a coffin scam for slain soldiers. I could not believe that a politician hand in glove with the concerned departments in teh military
could think of pulling this off. I mean, a person is dead. I really wonder what else goes on in a mind which can think of profiteering even when organizing for a coffin ! I have seen first hand the coast guard and the little navy boats
selling diesel to fishermen. No wonder they are not actually patrolling our coasts letting terrorists like Kasab and his clan into the country. Adarsh land scam. Wife swapping scam. You just have to google for scams and the other side
of the – what was supposed to be the most honorable organisation – shows up.
I say out source our military requirements to the US. This way, the budget on military spending is limited.
Politicians aren’t bribed by ammo manufacturers. It is almost certain they will do a better job than the mob we have.

Do you know why people in the US love their military ? It is for a lot of reasons I mention above. They are not raping women in trains
They are really serving the country and its people. They get some benefits (like college fees) that I know of yet take a humble pride in being who they are.
It is almost impossible to expect this from the Indian armed forces. Invictus games did not invite the Indian military ! Why ? And why didn’t the honchos think of taking this up.
For their men. Is their pain not real ? Do Indian soldiers not get PTSD ? I have a feeling, everyone
accepts the open secret. Most soldiers have traded their souls. For the benefits, I suppose. What PTSD ?

There are some men and women who genuinely want to serve and protect the nation. For them, I feel sorry. I feel sorry that you don’t have the required support system. An honest machinery
to help you achieve what you want. One option can be to migrate to a better country, adopt it and protect their land. For those who still carry on and have the unbreakable will to guard this nation ruled by spineless politicians – I salute you.


A small rant on the defense forces

July 19, 2010

A small rant on the defense forces.

I plan to make this a series. A series of my pains on just seeing how much a life of comfort they live (yeah, physical exercise was supposed to be a part of the deal in the offer letter !).

This began with some exposure to NCC. In one of their camps, I ate. For free of course. And over heard people who wanted to submit false inflated bills, for the procurement of vegetables. It was just humor for me then. Now it hurts. I pay the taxes now, exorbitant ones at that. and I am perplexed to know that my taxes aren’t helping my country but just a few con men.
The recent findings from the military forces are mind boggling.

One of their boys discovered the insurgency in Kargil way before the officials declared that there was indeed trouble. The recent findings suggest the big boys underplayed the small boy who knew of this all way before.
There are probably like a zillion land deals that are just going un noticed, from which, needless to say someone is making money.
There was a huge scam unearthed even the dealings of the coffins that would be used to bring the martyrs back home !
The bamboozled politicians are sure making a buck out of all this too. What national shame.

This probably was only for the land forces.
I went crazy hearing that the IAF has honored the master blaster (ST) with a captain’s medal.
I say I want it to. If I wasn’t able to bring glory to the country, its the fault with the management. The govt. didn’t pick me up to display my skills. I am a master blaster too, make me a captain !
What is your point in doing air shows ? Why are you burning up the public money. I hope you realize the cost of airline fuel.

The Water forces aren’t to be left behind. There were a string of sting operations carried by the television channels on replicating how the explosives were smuggled through the water route for the 92 bombings of Mumbai. And the smuggled in apples in place of bombs and no one stopped them ! God alone knows what the coast guard and the naval forces were doing. There is a lot of ground reality in knowing that a few lower ranking fellas have been selling away the ‘free’ diesel that they get to the fisherman’s steamers.
No wonder Kasab and company came along through the seas.

All the forces, I guess, are too over staffed although the publicize they are understaffed. What are the boys used for ? For decorating gardens,

sweeping the huge mansions, waxing the statues. I say make them useful for the city they are in. Let them join hands with the municipal authorities and help the city they are stationed in, for its cleanliness.

There are too many things that I would have wanted to say, but I will just write about a few.
Talking about the high handedness and the ecstatic attitude, in general, these guys carry, is baffling.
On top of that is a like a chip on their shoulder. You would have definitely witnessed these scenes in your city’s railway stations, because I have in mine and am sure this happens everywhere.
A huge truck comes and out jumps a man in a uniform. Rushes into the station, comforts his arse on the seat… and the truck goes away. Well, that bloke just spent my tax money on getting his ass from the unit to the station .. in a fishing truck ! Its another heart burning thing to know, that the railways gave him a huge discount on his travel fare. Its the same thing that repeats when that boy who went home will return. A truck will come and pick him up. I have grown up witnessing the defense drivers parking their huge ass vehicles in the city’s no parking zones ! I mean, the rules were meant to be same for everyone, and why did these guys park in the no-parking zone ? To buy fish for the colonel. And that too, they come in those huge ‘Shaktiman’ trucks to purchase a kilo of fish !

A house is a distant dream for an average Indian, isn’t it ? It is for me, so I brand it as, it is, for everyone, Since I am the common man.
For the facilities, like a house, discounted prices on products ( no fishing tax, they pay ), education for kids, booze, guns, vehicles, clubs,

golf courses, hospitals, et cetra.. so many of these things/facilities, a common man like me will probably spend his entire life struggling and saving every single penny, at times cursing the government for the rising prices and the crazily inflated inflation… these guys ‘just get it’.
Well, wait even moving around those places (other than the Military Hospitals) they will do it in that truck whose engine is just burning away my tax money.

Their families have the luxury of moving around in those fuel guzzling 4×4 Gypsies just taking a swing around the city, looking at people with disgust, like the people were an esoteric lower class set of men, they move around. where A common man burns his ass in the heat of public transport.

There are so many other facilities that are provided, which I will definitely touch base on later.

Lets get to the part when they have lived out their career of false prestige and wasted public money. Upon retiring, they are given many freebies, depending on the cadre. Free lands, petrol pumps etc. other than a fixed pension ! Did you read that right ? Can you soak that in ?

Nevertheless, the job demands sacrifice and pain and staying away from the family (for few) and all that blah blah blah.. but hey, you knew about that when you joined the fishing job!

As someone once said, as an analogy, its like keeping a pet, a dog to be precise. You have to feed him, so he will bark and protect, in all probability, when you have an intruder.

Well, I think we would save a LOT of tax money if we could probably outsource this service. The biggest portion of all budgets is mostly given to the defense forces, we will be saving tons of money through this.