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Immigration policy of Australia

June 8, 2016

I am fully with Peter Dutton and can see what the man has to say. And I am astonished at the limited understanding Australian people, in general, have about accepting refugees.

I am not saying stop people from entering the country. There are thousands of skilled labor willing to enter Australia and contribute to its economy. That is the kind of immigrants a country should really look for.

I am myself an immigrant and committed to contribute positively to Australia. The minister is correct in saying that the refugees haven’t been skill tested and most of them will either add to the unemployment queues or be a burden to the social welfare system. How many of us want Medicare gone ?

There is serious shortage of skilled jobs in Australia. I know the DIBPs SOL does not indicate so. But if you hang around immigrant forums, there are so many highly skilled people complaining about lack of jobs – at all levels – even getting a job flipping burgers in Maccas is getting difficult. What jobs do you think the refugees will do ? What contribution, positive, if at all, will this mob make ?

Germany took in a million people from a war torn part of the world. The world appreciate their gesture. The ones rallying for human rights but without a vision on the future were teary eyed and so proud of Deutshe land. Look at what they end up with ? Locals are now rallying against their government’s decision. I do not know the ground reality but it sure looks like the ones which were given refuge are now devouring and plundering that country. Women are being raped and anti social behaviour at public places is rampant.

It is important to look at the background from which most refugees seek refuge from. If they are not just economic refugees, then a thorough psychological evaluation of people being accepted must be undertaken. If a person has only seen, spoken and retaliated in violence, I believe that person will take a very long time to adjust to normal society. Sure, there are genuine refugees who are in serious threat to their lives and well being who should be welcomed with open arms. But am almost certain such crowd will never get involved in violent, anti social behaviour and it this rant is simply not against those people.

It is also ignorance which can make people say there will be a few bad apples and that a few incidents shouldn’t stop Australia from accepting thousands of refugees.

A simple example is the recent publicity of the menace the Apex gang is causing in Melbourne. It is mostly African youth and I am almost willing to bet these (or their parents) were the same ones who were given refuge in Australia. Then the government spent a fortune for them to keep entertained while in camps – sport matches and sight seeing tours and making them stay in star hotels etc. These are the same people who we would have thought would have collaborated with the Australian culture and contribute to our society and economy. Instead, they are running amuck causing damage to public and private property.

I say lets have a three strike policy for all these adopted citizens and permanent residents. Essentially, if you have a country that is legally bound to take you in when all other countries refuse, then this policy applies to you. If found guilty of three crimes or found alleged in 5 crimes, which ever is earlier, you will be kicked out of Australia.

I wish to leave my children in an Australia relatively free of crime. Nay, at least in an Australia – from where
they don’t have to seek refuge from another nation – only because we today failed to conceive of a possibly rooted future for this great nation.


Fire this man – Rajan – Reserve Bank of India

June 8, 2016

I whole heartedly wish that this man goes.
He and his team have lost touch with reality.

A common man now pays charges on
a)if some one deposits cash into his account
b) If he makes an online (NEFT) transfer
c) If he makes more than 5 transactions on an ATM. Given any ATM machine in India cannot dispense more than 40 bills, if one wants to withdraw over 100k from his account then one pays a fee !

Etc. The above are the only ones that I am aware of and I am surprised how all of this
has been passed by the RBI. I even tweeted to the idiots at RBI and asked them if they havent
implemented a policy where the banks should upgrade their machines from disposing at most 40 notes in a transaction,
why should a common man pay for withdrawing a lakh of rupees in a month. Now I can understand withdrawing a lakh of rupees a month may not be common place but the question still remains. Who is coming up with all this mindless bullshit ? I dont care if his resume shows him to be a superman – if a person at his level doesn’t have this basic vision, I don’t know how qualified he is to be the gov’nor.

When world over, the reserve banks are reducing interest rates, the man has failed in doing the same for India. Who needs this duck head ?
And there is a petition online for his second term ? Get a life !

The torn garments of India

August 3, 2010

India, my dear country. Is like an old woman now. Trying to cover her shame. With garments all torn and she is almost in rags. Yet she tries to cover her grace. By a few sleights of hand. Yet, she is about to be robbed of her only rags too. Alas.

India, was supposedly the golden bird once. If you go by me, it still is.

The monies flowing in and around are tremendous. This is one country where if you have the money, which will mean, you will have the clout, you can get away with ANYTHING. Just about anything. Including murders. Yeah, if you murder a high profile person, you are bound to get some media attention and the judge judging your case, will be very sad on not being able to take some money from you and let you go.
God alone knows what has happened to the taking over of the swiss accounts held by Indian politicians and to get the money back.
The recent mining scams were all silenced. That is a 70,000 Crore rupee racket, only from one state.Damn, I can’t even count the fishing zeroes ! Yes, China is buying all that we can dig up.
4k Cr. of a scam for allotting 3g spectrum to private operators. I mean, when are we going to wake up. The world has moved on to 4g and we are still dreaming of 3g !
7k Cr. of a natural reserves scam in a state which is known to be the most left behind in terms of development, Jharkhand. None is bothered about Mr.Koda.
Jagjivan Ram further raped the country, decades ago, (what a fishing libido!!) by including the caste system and reservations. Nothing, almost nothing happens by merit. Now, that led to a lot of other sub scams too. Well, we have had quite a few national rapers. One of them we even regarded, the father of our nation !!

Most recently were a few Members of Parliament caught on tape trying to quote their prices to vote for anybody to represent the house.
This, in my opinion, is the saddest part to live in a democracy. How can you expect the people representing you to pass tougher laws to check for corruption and account for black money (money earned illegally), when they themselves are the biggest of culprits. Why will they make a law of something that will get their own ass in trouble. This situation is like one of those prodigal curses on India. I am sure one of those big saints in the yore got pissed and said, to hell with you, India !! There were a few men who thought theyd bring about a change but the people of this once great country are so lost on values, that they will only vote for the candidate who can get em a bottle of whiskey and provide a few Rupees !

We are all but marching towards our own celebrated doom. It is bound to happen. I wonder what the future generations will be left with. Sorry kids.