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Fire this man – Rajan – Reserve Bank of India

June 8, 2016

I whole heartedly wish that this man goes.
He and his team have lost touch with reality.

A common man now pays charges on
a)if some one deposits cash into his account
b) If he makes an online (NEFT) transfer
c) If he makes more than 5 transactions on an ATM. Given any ATM machine in India cannot dispense more than 40 bills, if one wants to withdraw over 100k from his account then one pays a fee !

Etc. The above are the only ones that I am aware of and I am surprised how all of this
has been passed by the RBI. I even tweeted to the idiots at RBI and asked them if they havent
implemented a policy where the banks should upgrade their machines from disposing at most 40 notes in a transaction,
why should a common man pay for withdrawing a lakh of rupees in a month. Now I can understand withdrawing a lakh of rupees a month may not be common place but the question still remains. Who is coming up with all this mindless bullshit ? I dont care if his resume shows him to be a superman – if a person at his level doesn’t have this basic vision, I don’t know how qualified he is to be the gov’nor.

When world over, the reserve banks are reducing interest rates, the man has failed in doing the same for India. Who needs this duck head ?
And there is a petition online for his second term ? Get a life !


Green Card on an Airplane

December 10, 2012

Whenever I come across people who have a vision for their lives, I have laughed to my hearts content. None of them seem to factor in the God-affect. You never know when the shit hits the fan. Nevertheless, it is very important to have a plan for life. To at least live peacefully in a hallucinated form of existence. That gives the mind some peace. To know you are going somewhere. This may or may not be the case, depending on the school of thought you subscribe to.

I, never have had plans. Seeing such dances of life around my existence, some part of me always resigned to the fact that everything is destiny. Though I very badly have wanted to plan my life and its life events. I guess I have lived 30 years just wanting to make a plan. When I was 20 all I wanted was to retire by 30. Now I am 30 and am still in the planning mode. To top it, I am now married and still have no clue how my life (finances and planning and all) is gonna turn out.
I am now drifting away into writing something about a planned life, where as all I wanted to write was about this little tiny 30 second incident that happened on my flight back from India to US. 25+ hours of flying with an Indian crowd and only this 30 second event so strongly influenced me that I only kept thinking about it over and over. I just kept making unsuccessful attempts at trying to understand the sadistic joy humans enjoy.

While descending into the Dallas Airport the beautiful ladies handed over the customs/immigration forms to be filled. As I started filling my form and declaring stuff truthfully, I could see from the corner of my eye the couple (travelling with their baby which kept crying all the time !) next to me kept looking at me with very intent eyes. I was sitting next to them for over 15 hours and they hardly had noticed me. Now, I was the center of their world. They looked at me like I was writing a charitable cheque and they wanted to be the first ones to know the amount the cheque was for. I finished filling the declaration form and as soon as my wrist swung – as it proudly signed my name on the truthful declaration of items and my fingers subtly loosened the grip on the pen while my left hand searched and flipped out the I-94 from below the declaration form, the man from the couple spoke. He came from the corner of my eye to the center of my eye. Now he was the center of my attention. What is that one question that this man sat on for 15 hours ?
I could see his lips part – letting a storm of bad breath let loose and his sleepy eyes took an expression of wonder. He asked ‘Are you not a Green Card holder ?’ ‘No’ I replied and shrugged my shoulders and made a smiley face of whatever. As soon as the muscles on my face completed the expression and as soon as my vocal chords relaxed after uttering the word No, there was an eruption of joy in his entire being as Chariots of fire started playing the background. He was one with the Super Consciousness of God. Nothing could pull him down at this moment. He knew, he had sipped the magic potion of elixir. His face transformed and he was now in raptures of ecstasy. His wondering eyes now had a peace I have seen only in the eyes of true sages. As a catalytic affect, the plane hit an air pocket which caused his hair to bounce and his head slowly bounced on the back rest of his seat. He entire being was bouncing in pride. I could see that even lips can talk. His smile conveyed a deep sense of pride as he lay in his seat with his eyes closed and a sense of achievement all over his being. It was a surge of emotions I have never seen. The couple were so happy to hear that one word. No.

Whatever, I thought to myself and filled up the I-94 waiting anxiously for this long flight to be over. Now, it was his turn to fill out the forms. As he pulled out three passports one of them slipped and fell in front of me. Lo and behold it was a US passport. He looked at me asking me to pick it up for him. While I made an unhelpful attempt and wiggled in my seat he reached for it himself and uttered the golden words in his blissful voice. ‘My daughter is a US citizen.’ I think he was expecting that chariots of fire will play in the background of my head and that I will plunge into divine ecstasy knowing the great feat he had achieved. His daughter was indeed a US citizen. I had to break his little heart. All I said was ‘good for you’ and looked outside and enjoyed the Dallas morning sun.

I kept wondering about these 30 seconds. What is it about an American passport that can give such joy. I have heard that the human mind derives great pleasure from another mans misery. This must be true. But how do you define another mans misery. Is it something you have achieved for which you struggled and strived and finally got it, which the other man did not ?
You keep thinking that the lack of this thing is causing misery to the other man whereas the truth is that may be this thing was very important for you and not the other man. So this thing was never really a desire for the other man.

I wish I had a vision. A plan. An ambition in my life. At least to get a Green Card. Alas, I still will drift in the wind like a dry leaf and put my faith in the Lord and His will.

Roll Tide !

Medical Image tagging

May 16, 2011

I wonder if what I am about to write has already been done before. A google shows it hasn’t been done. This is inspired by the tagging feature on facebook. I have never tagged my friends in photographs and neither has any one else tagged me in any of the photos, talk about quid pro quo huh.
So, I do understand that tagging can recognize a person in a photograph. So it can pick patterns based on many factors.

My idea is to propose a similar thing for the medical fraternity. There are a lot of diagnostic tests which are based on medical imagery. Or images, in short. Medical reports like X-Rays or CT scans or even ECGs (EEG). There can be a sample set of images which can be tagged under a ‘normal’ category. There can be a certain sample set of images which can be tagged for special conditions. For example, a broken rib or something like that. So the sample set for ‘broken rib’ tags will contain all the images which will have a collective sample set of tagged images for a broken rib. So if a chest x-Ray is passed in for a tag, the tagging software can easily predict what the x-ray really is trying to say.

Or, there can just be a group of doctors on facebook or some place. Any body can upload an image and the doctors can give their opinions as comments.At least this can be used as some guidance to the people in whose countries the medical facilities may not be so advanced.

Recollections of a residential program

May 3, 2011

So I was on a residential training program of a company who is currently enjoying my services. It was a new thing to stay in a hotel overlooking a pond across which my house is. All the soft beds and rich food is alright, I still need some junk food to carry on with my daily existence. Now, who could I confess this to in a band of people posing with facades of nonchalantness of their fella human being. They could talk a ton of shit about things useless, but a conversation of just a minute or two and the real wolf starts tearing out the sheep’s garb. And I have to run away. I can force people to get back to their originality, I cant stand them as such, you know. May be because I just dont care. Ok, let me repeat, I dont give a fuck 🙂
..So, although the stay started being exciting for the first few hours, it lost its sheen as soon as I started missing my daily cuppa Irani chai

I started missing the simplest things of life. My favorite mint tea with my morning news paper. Even practising switching between G to C to F to D chords of my acoustic guitar became such a great thing.For once, just once, I wanted to strum my guitar. For once, I wanted to practise my broken bow over my violin lying in some corner of my room. For once, I wanted to turn on my 586 pentium with 256 MB RAM and wanted to curse my laptop in comparission which is an i5 with 4 gigs of RAM. My 586 starts faster than the laptop. Overclocked it while I was learning the finer nuances of overclocking, and it has been one hell of a supercomputer of its times. I guess if all the 586’s got talking my fella would be proud of his processing speeds.

Met many people,well, some control freaks, some true laid back Hyderabadi’s. For once I had begun to feel that love at first sight may really exist. Most of us are adults enough to know that life aint a Bollywood movie, yea. But I guess, lonely sensitive pisceans shouldn’t really let their hearts out. The world is filled with people who can crush you out anytime. May be they have been giving you that lead, so you can bring your heart fully out, so they could just go one thud and crash it out all together ! Be careful my fellow piscean, I understand the bane and the boon. Say, how hard is it to be a man who wears his heart on his sleeve ? I guess many people(women) weren’t wired to be that way. They cannot take someone who likes to keep it simple, me thinks.

Team work is another important thing I learnt. You can give me what is required and give me the tools for it, and I can go all out and make something kick-ass on my own. I have always loved to play an individual game. I can set the expectations for myself and if I am falling behind, I can pull myself up, if I am surpassing I can pat my own back. I like to repeat this over and over, I am the one! Working with a bunch of people, on the same thing, is however a very different experience. So many egos, so many ideas, careful construction of words so no one gets hurt or demotivated. I mean, we have been a country which has been obsessed with getting rid of our egos. We have made many saints out of this concept. I guess, if renunciants practising the dissolution of ego are brought to the conference rooms in our organizations, and asked for ideas, boy, those guys are gonna have to take another couple of reincarnations to get rid of their egos.

Finally the rolling of the ball came to an end. Somethings learnt somethings lost. I was out in the sun, the burning fella looking down at me and saying, haven’t seen this bag of flesh for sometime. Let me roast him
up ! It was a strange feeling to be coming back home from home to my own favorite city, my dear Hyderabad. What a city to be in.


Green Recruiting

December 10, 2010

I don’t understand the hoopla behind conducting interviews.
Only a select bunch of fellas who, I don’t know whether they realise the power of hiring an efficient workforce, conduct interviews. Many of us including me, end up actually showing off the skills and talents we have rather than evaluating the other fella. I am improving though and have become an active and an alert listener.

My problem is with the paper used in interview(s).

Lets take a guess. On a weekend, in Hyderabad, say about 10 companies are conducting interviews. Say about 150 people turn up as the cumulative total of the interviews. So its 150 people going in for 10 interviews.So assuming each one of them takes only one resume, taking 5 pages as an average resume size, it turns out to 5 X 150 sheets of paper. Which is, 750 sheets of paper. A google shows that a tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets. So, things are still looking ‘green’. For now, I am ignoring the ‘xerox’ Photocopied certificates and photographs.
Assuming all of the candidates will go to all of the companies => 750 X 10 = 7500 sheets of paper. Whoooa. We have just helped in cutting off one tree ! Well, nearly. A tree for a day, just for evaluating people ? That is crazy behavior. Its about 4 trees a month. And about 50 trees a year. How many of us actually even plant one tree a year. Ok, one tree in 5 years ? None. The above is a bare minimum example. I have discounted too many people and too many interviews on working days.

For a few minds which want to hide behind saying the paper is already there, the tree is already killed ! I say, they are killing the trees because you want the darn paper. Stop the want for paper and the trees will live. Its high school economics. Demand and supply.

What if, we could all just digitize the entire process.Once when Hyderabad had an able leader, many offices were run paper free. Can we not just conduct paper free interviews ? How hard is it. All the candidates attending can bring in their USBs or floppy drives or CDs or DVDs. Arranging a laptop or a computer isn’t a big deal assuming the hiring is all done by IT majors. Yeah, we are assuming we have some solid anti-virus installed. And the resume could just move levels as a memory stick. How hard it can be ? All the certs could be scanned and verified too. At least for the evaluation purpose. usage of bio metrics should be used as well. Not too expensive to get finger print registering machines. Bio register the candidate. Finger print the fella. Avoid asking for photographs. This way, you can even make sure the guy joining and the guy giving the interview are the same people.

I am awfully and probably painfully surprised by the way the companies go about beating their jungle drums on being environment friendly and still overlook such simple things which can save so much of deforestation.
Its appalling to understand all the big wigs. All the big mouths. None of them could even think of this till date. If it was in our hands to save the earth and we did not even take a step for it, shame on us.

My experiences with the sea

September 23, 2010

I have never been to the sea before. The only time I remember I went there was when I was probably 7 or 8. There were only two things I distinctly remember about going to the beach. One, when the waves receded the sand below my tiny feet also went away and I reeled. Suddenly I was in my hindi language class in the school. ‘Bacho, Pairo tale zameen khisakne ka matlab hai ki chakit ho jana’. That line which the teacher used to explain the phrase roughly equivalent to loosing ground from under the feet meant to be shocked, well, almost. Damn. That teacher lied to me she doesn’t even know that the land from below feet can actually move !! Jesus Christ, I wanted to look up, whats happening to our education system. Anyway I fumbled and groped for the tall legs of people I had come with and finally felt secure. The human need of a shoulder to hang on to was very evident. Legs, in my case. The only other thing I remember from the beach are my little legs covered from their head to toe with sand. Some of it would always be stuck on the skin and would never go away, how much ever I tried. When I exclaimed this with surprise to the elders with me they replied, well, what did you expect? Your legs be covered with flowers ? Now that was a double doze for that little mind of mine to understand. I was trying to get around knowing the fact that sand on the beach can actually stick, quite literally, to my skin and then the alter thought implanted in me, feet covered with flowers. I wondered if there were beaches of flowers somewhere. I missed my dad accompanying us then. He would explain everything to this little overly inquisitive mind of mine, including why the bogies were loosely coupled to each other on a moving train. I guess, if being extremely curious about everything and repeatedly asking that to everyone till I could remember it was to be a kid syndrome, I would be the best sample the drug research labs could work on.

So, I went to Puri recently and went to the sea. The beach is fondly called the Golden beach. The old thoughts of a ‘flower beach’ suddenly resurfaced. If I were a kid still, I would have thought the beach was made of Gold! Almost effortlessly the song, fields of gold, rung in my head. The last time I heard that song, I couldn’t stop humming it everywhere. I love Sting’s songs. I anyway somehow got rid of the tune and reminded myself to be the Buddha. To be only an observer. To be aware of everything including and excluding myself. The first thing that caught my attention was the gigantic nature of the sea. It is so big! Huge waves and a lot of breeze. The other immediate thing were the birds around, crows mainly, which were on a little trip of their own.Just hanging in the air there. No flapping of the wings. No movement. Nothing. Just precariously balancing their bodies and the body’s weight just smoothly and effortlessly sailing along with the waves 0f breezes. Just suspended. Wow. So, I had tested the waters or tested the beach sand, so to say. I was prepared to get a taste of how it feels like to enter the sea on feet, at least on the shore.

Next morning, I set foot out to hit the sea. Was alone soul so all the usual asiatic doubts like, What do I wear and go, what if someone steals my clothes while I am at the sea flooded my already tsunami hit mind. Scared of such thoughts, I just set out in a swimming trunk and towel. I had nothing to be stolen from. Some peace of mind. With the gushing breeze running through my gradually balding head. I walked towards the sea excitedly, not a wee bit intimidated by the huge water body. It was time for me to enter the waters. It was a strange feeling, being a water sign and having learnt swimming in the swimming pools, I had never been to the big home of the fish, the sea.Finally, I was ready. With all the grit and research of how many people the sea can swallow and after carefully evaluating my chances of being alive I started walking towards the white waters. The first touch of a small wave was exciting. Then I looked around and saw people wading in deeper, relative to where I originally was. If they can, I can. The usually asleep competitive trait in me woke up. So I decided to be strong and dared and walked towards the sea a little more. A relatively bigger wave hit me almost trying to push me to the ground. And I stood there like a warrior. Trying to dig my feet into the sand below. I could feel the sand drifting away from below me. The old excited memories came back. The more I dug my foot in the more I felt the power of the sea pulling me inside. But I stood ground. I am a strong warrior after all. Or atleast I can act like one. But can the sea be fooled by facades of acting strong. I wondered. Then, I dared again and walked a few feet further in. A huge wave hit me and took me off my feet and nearly threw me to where I was standing originally. I was’nt hurt.
Just some water went into my mouth and I spat. Damn, so much of salt. If you had a heart, you would have blood pressure problems, I yelled within myself. I grinned at the sea and stood again. I looked around and saw a strange thing people did. Many of them would turn their backs whenever a huge wave came towards them. I wondered what purpose it served. But I am an observer at heart. So I studied them and their reactions carefully. It wasn’t too long before I had almost cracked what they felt.

So I decided to do it myself and walked back into the sea. A wave arose and it was running towards me like it wants to get me and I turned my back towards it. Nothing happened. No, I know what should happen. It was just a slight nudge. May be it was a warning to sod off. Ok, I guess may be I need a bigger wave. So I wait, watching a few little waves come and go. Then came my wave. A big one. I turned my back and held firm to the ground, I didn’t even know what to expect, in a way. And then the wave hit me and it lifted me up and gently placed me back to where I was thrown earlier. I was just floating.
Finally some respect. What a feeling. To be carried away by the waves. I wanted more of it. Now I knew what the technique was. It just took a keen observation of people, a trait I learned early in life. Now I thought the sea was at my command and I was like the old pirate with a bandana and with a cigarette in the mouth and a bottle of alcohol in another. I know what ‘size’ of a wave I needed to have the fun and moreover I thought I knew how to do it.

Alrighty, here I come, I hollered and went back in. This time there was a mightier wave. Well, multiple waves coupled together, which I realised only at the end of it all. Could there actually be so many waves rising together. Well, the moon has its own laws of attraction I guess. As I gauged a wave and turned my back to it just about when it was to hit me, it carried me. But it wasnt the way I had expected it. I wasnt on the top of the wave, like I was earlier. I was not floating. I had water all over me.I was ‘in’ the wave ! And to rub salt, ah well, to the wound, I was quite a distance from the shore. All the fears of being swept into the sea crammed in my head. Swim. As I started moving my legs and hand a huge wave smashed me down to the ground and I was bouncing quite literally towards the shore. With my chest and abdomen skin being brushed against the sand below every time I touched the bottom, I had to think fast. All my calculations went wrong. Is it the time to turn to the God. Turn. I said to myself and swiftly changed my position in one quick action, somewhat like turning parallel to the wave. So I was gently rolled back to where I had began, yet again. I quickly checked my self. No blood, thankfully. It had hurt so bad. Did the sea feel bad about my comments on it not having a heart ? I just sat where it had placed me, in a reverie that may be the sea ultimately does have a heart. It even has so many secrets. Must have one hell of a heart to hold so much! Oblivious to the wave in front of me, I just gazed long into the sea and out of no where, another high wave hit me and pushed me further from where I was. This was the farthest I was thrown so far. The power was so much that if I were sitting a tad to close, I think the waves would have thrown me back to my hotel !

Alright. Enough, I hollered. And walked back to my hotel. My legs covered with sand. Bringing back foggy photos of a childhood visit to the sea. My legs, longer than before were yet again covered with sand.Now my body had become a lot more grains of sand than what it was. I was just hoping the grains of sand dont accumulate over my tummy, over the years. Wishful thinking. I went back planning for my sojourn with the sea the next day.

The next day, I was scared, when someone told me that the current can be very strong sometimes and the sea has pulled in many a bodies. My thoughts of my silent comments to the sea the day before came seeping through. Could the sea read someones mind ? The sea will definitely swallow me today, I thought. Still, I walked back thinking of simply apologising to the sea and coming back. So I walked to the sea in all my clothing and shoes. I made peace with the sea in my heart and wanted to walk back. The moment I turned, at least one more time I can touch the waters, I thought. Who knows when I will return. So I decided to just wander in a bit and return immediately. I took my shoes off and placed them at a safe distance. No, there is no way my shoes will go missing. They are too huge for anyone to steal, so they’d be useless to steal and have mass enough so the breeze wont fly them away. I could only imagine my shoes being suspended in the air like the little birds were balancing themselves. LOL, I said. and walked towards the sea. I should take a picture of me in the waters. I was alone, so I walked towards where there were a few people. So I could request someone to click a pic for me.

As I walked away from my dear shoes, I repeatedly turned back to check if my shoes were there.They were there all the while. So, finally, someone obliged and clicked a photo. I walked back looking at the pic. How stupid can one be. He clicked the photo when my eyes were closed, in their regular natural activity of blinking. As I slid back my cam into my pockets and looked up, quite automatically, at my shoes. One of them was gone!

WTF, I said, why would anyone steal just one shoe. I quickly looked around and the place was empty with no people. Who comes to the sea at 6 am ! Then, like lightning striking the neurons of my mind inside and a stream of a single enlightening bolt hitting me, I doubted the sea and turned my head towards it.

There it was.

A huge piece of rubber just floating like 5 feet away from the shore. A huge tide must have swallowed it. Shit. I had already apologised to the sea and yet it harms me. It surely doesnt have a heart ! Then I wanted to wade in and get it. But I had my day clothes on and didnt want them to get wet since I had to leave that day and I did not have time to have them dried so I wouldnt be able to pack them. Damn. So many things a mind can think in a fraction of a second. What do I do. I had to device a way pretty quick because I could see my shoe oscillating with long strides between the shore and the sea. Damn. Was it reminding me of its own time ticking away ? The thing then I did was very childish, I requested the sea to ‘please’ return back my shoe. I wouldnt mind if its wet and I have to wear it and move about and risk warts on the fingers of my feet, which is what happens if I wear shoes on wet feet. Just that this time the shoes would be wet. I waited, and like the Good Lord listening to his kids and answering innocent little prayers, just that moment when the little prayers are answered and you think ‘shoot, should have prayed for something else’, with the next wave, the shoe was thrown ashore. It almost got the same treatment like I did yesterday. I was too delighted to get my shoe back and wore it like I would be so depressed to lose a shoe like this ! Nike. 45. I bowed my head to the sea in respect and walked away. It has a huge heart. It takes care of all the fishermen community to live for generations off it. And all it has got in return is some royal abuse. I hope I was able to give it some relief by showing some sincere gratitude to what the sea stands for, in its entirety. Good bye, Bay of Bengal. I had a ball of a time. Thank you.

My parents control my life

May 17, 2010

My mind boggles at knowing the fact that kids werent given an opportunity to study about something they were too damn interested in. They hold their parents, primarily, responsible for it. For it has been quite a societal fashion for the parents to be guiding their kids’ future in terms of the professions their kids can opt for. Generally they are based on what other parents are doing for other kids. All of us are a herd of sheep, in small pockets, in our own ways. You can see this mentallity everywhere. If one sheep jumps, all of them jump, with out knowing why they are doing it !! This point has been driven home by some of the latest Bollywood movies too.
Well, coming back to the kids who think life hasnt been fare to them, I say, GET A LIFE.

I will show you a glimpse about another esoteric people inhabiting our societies. The parents dont guide what their kids will do. The kids, being kids, dont really know what they want to do. Youve gotto be kidding me when you say a kid ‘really’ knows what s/he wants to do in life. Ofcourse, there are exceptions, very few of them. For ex. Sachin Tendulkar ! So, they go on, from class to class and from college to college. They have all the freedom in their lives. Independence with responsibility.

Now, lets compare the two kids we were speaking about so far. One whose life and future are directed by his parents. The other who is on his own, as far his future is concerned. We will call them A and B 🙂

As soon as they are out of graduation, kid A knows very well what he should be doing. He is just a part of the movie his parents have visualised. Thats a very bioscopic movie! B, on the other hand, is lost for words and thoughts. Join the army, may be study some more, may be go abroad and study. Should I just join a call center (hmm, nice bucks and sexy babes)..What is it ‘exactly’ that I want to do in life ? STOP. As soon as B is hit with this question .. he reels. falling off. Like the earth moved a few floors lower. I dont know what I want. Damn it. If you have not pondered on this question yourself, you will never know the pain B is going through right now. There are many grownups who dont have the balls to ask this question to themselves. We can discount them here. They are just a few sheep. 🙂
Now, can you look at B’s dilema. He is at a point in life where the grooves of his mind are working full speed. He is trying to make connections as well as clarifications from what he loves to do and what he can do. Unfortunately, all that he discovers is that there is nothing that he hates to do. lol.

Now, between A and B, A is the more happier fella. So kids, be thankfull to your mama and papas for being the directors of your movie. Its a seperate thing, that B will be smarter, more street smart and can face life and its challenges relatively easier.

You arent cursed. Cursed with a curse commonly known as ‘blessed with tremendous potential and infinte opportunities’ ! Can you feel this curse ? Can you imagine it ? Its too unfortunate to be cursed this way.

Working 12 hours a day

May 11, 2010

Isn’t that something we hear so commonly.

I leave my chair and stand up. No need to lock the machine, I aint going anywhere. I look around. I see. Hundreds of coolies. Just a handful of them who are actually engineers and are trying to even think. Most of them hardly even understand what they are doing. I sit back and do my work. After a few hours I look at the huge clock with an IST written below it, signaling the time in my country. And I see that I have worked for about 9 hours and then I know the reason, why I was feeling drained out. A hard days work for a java fella. So I lock my computer (yeah I shut it down on weekends, rest of the days the monitor is turned off. Yes, I believe in saving energy. Electricity saved is electricity produced) and leave my chair and stand up again. I am surprised to see everybody still glued to their monitors and looking upset.
I feel pity for them.
I also see a few who are just hanging around.
With all the education for so many years and the typical Indian upbringing that most of us have had, we have still not learned to manage time. Most of us are actually doing some distance learning/online MBA course. Talk about a thing as simple as time management. I am not too sure when the majority of us will be able to set our priorities straight.
I am back looking at them and wonder what their families go through.( We can discount the bachelor fellas here, they any way have nothing to do when they go home, so why not sit in the air conditioned office and just surf the net ! ) People who are married have their own share of shit. Since I am not married I am not aware of the typical complications involved. I think of the persons immediate biological family. The kid isnt able to spend time with his parents and siblings. What sorrow. I feel so sorry for those old fellas. All they have is solitude. No one to talk to. I am assuming when this typical unable-to-manage-time fellow reaches home, he just crashes and then wakes up the next morning to be the same bot (robot) again. Isn’t that such a sorry state to be alive in ? I mean, your parents are not going to be with you forever, why don’t spend some time while they are around, for later, all you would do is cry and repent. No amount of alcohol or medication will wipe out this guilt. The same probably goes for people who are married and have kids.

I don’t care, so I move on.

Then I meet another bunch of esoteric assholes. We are working in the IT you know, 12 – 14 hours of work is pretty common. I raise an eyebrow and see them puff away the smoke from their favorite cigarettes. Are you a jerk ? A voice inside me yells at them. I do not let it take the vocal route. It is so common to hear this from every body working in the IT industry. My mind again starts of on the thought train that I had originally began with..stop. I say. I don’t achieve nothing by thinking on what goes on ‘behind’ or ‘because’ of this poor guy. But then I cant help it. The typical Piscean heart goes out to all and sundry.

Isn’t it such a shame that you proudly say that I dedicate 12 – 14 hours a day to work. I mean, if you are building the next Brahmos or the next kick ass super computing nano computing, that is understood. Wait, if you are actually working on something so next generation, then you actually need better management of time and most important of all, good healthy natural sleep. Which work other than manual labor can take set amount of hours in a day.

I sometimes do not understand, why people, and managers on every rung in an organization cannot stand up and say that things will take time. For the love of Christ, Rome wasn’t built in a day ! Or to give it an Indian twist, the Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a year.
It is just so simple. Taking ample time to finish building a software product for someone. How hard can that be ?
The other fast approach actually leads to half baked code being fished out. Well, the upside to it is that it will always require maintenance 😉

I had a manager once who thought, that only if I was spending 12 hours in the office was I being productive !

May be he was used to working with a bunch of half headed nut wits who just believed in slogging it out at the office. Phew, what a life to live. Pity. My heart actually bleeds for them. Once it bled so much, that I woke up one morning, and found a few blood drops around my chest, and then I had to get some skin stitched up. lol.

I mean, all I had to say to him was ‘Get a life man’. I am a more focused guy when it comes to work. When I am working, all my energies are directed towards what I am doing. I am not thinking at the back of my head about a zillion other things. May be I am technically faster, atleast relatively. May be I don’t spend too much time on rediff or

I personally have felt that if a person is spending more than his usual shift time in the office, that person is A) unable to manage his time properly B) Has other personal issues which force him to be in office C) Is so technically challenged that he cannot complete the work in assigned hours. D) I doubt if he is actually working while he is stretching.

I think if we are all going to stress ourselves out this way, then we will have the worlds largest middle age population with some medical ailment or the other. On the other hand, I am afraid if most of us will give birth to our own Tyler Durdens. 🙂
… now that will be something to really really watch out for. ( Tyler Durden ? Fight club ? Still lost ? Sorry, this wasn’t meant for you to be read then)

Can we all just take it easy and be better time and expectation managers ?



April 1, 2010

List of some famous one liners which my country men twisted to suit their taste :

Down to earth became :
Ground to earth
Bound to eath

Asia Pacific became : Asia specific

Cost cutting became : Cross cutting


Knowledge from Kolkata

April 1, 2010

Once upon a time there used to be a saying, what Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorow. This now, is known as what Indian thinks today, Bengal thinks tomorrow. With the current trends in Bengal, it is predicted that it will very soon become what India thinks today, Bengal thinks day after tomorow.

While staying at one of the ashrams in Calcutta or rather Kolkata, to be politically correct, I met an ex-man. Who had served in the Indian army and was a typical Lower middle class bong. We shared the same room for a day. One day he asked me of my opinion on the recent increments in the Central and state Government employees. Like I already was cribbing on how the money I pay as taxes was being mis-utilized, he was rubbing it in. I was stunned to hear his thoughts.

He was of the opinion that the government was actually buying the votes from the govt. employees. He had extreme interest in being a primary school teacher and since he was pretty close to the grass
root reality, he spoke of how the teachers barely entered the classrooms once or twice in a week and then marked their attendances for the rest of the week and walked away. Like you would expect something more than this from an Indian teacher employed by the government ! Per this persons calculations, at this rate the number of English ‘knowing’ kids in Bengal would be at an all time relative low. He said he would get into a discussion and take to task any and all primary teachers he came across, who weren’t performing their duties. A little Robinhood in his own terms. Today an average teachers salary is anywhere between 16 to 34 unbelievable grand. The poor man barely manages about 5 to 8, yet again, unbelievably lower, grand. This would mean that at a futuristic level the country’s government is actually increasing the gap between the haves and the have nots and thus forcing the have nots to take to naxalism, because it really provides for a lot of money. Also, the politicians and the people at large are least bothered about inflation. I wonder at times even if the most educated fellas showing off their biceps and tight t shirts and swanky cars even know what is inflation. Do they understand what it exactly means when the papers say that inflation is at 11 % ? Pity. Anyway, getting back to what I was writing, at this rate it would be fare to imagine that the governments only interest is/was to equalize an equal number of well paid people and a similar number of naxalites. There is no rocket science to imagine the future of the country where we are just, in a way, encouraging naxalism. A country’s growth is not measured in number of comparing the cops to the goons.(The ratio, is what I am writing about, for the mathematically inclined.) There has to be a comprehensive thought process behind the welfare of a country and the societies it entertains at larger. So he said, looking out from the window at the over cast skies in a humid weather, with the typical thick framed prescription glasses an old Bengali man would wear.
I must say, there are still a few people in Bengal who think what India will think tomorow or probably day after tomorow.