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Letting people fine other people

May 11, 2018

Why are cops not turning people against each other ?
It isn’t very hard for local public to click photos of vehicles breaking the law – For example, parked in no parking. I understand speeding tickets by people may not hold any value as speed calibration varies from one car to the other – but people can definitely report cars parked on no parking strips, texting while driving (of course, you’d have the sense to take the photo only when you are not a driver), no indicator light. All of this is very simple to do and verify. The government can send the notice to the offending party and give 10% to the reporting party. Hows that for a win win?


Indian Military – What a waste

June 7, 2016


I hate our military. With a passion. I think they are the biggest burden on our economy and fail to do a job expected of of them. From my limited understanding, their job was simply to serve and protect. And time and again they have proven their impotence to deliver on both counts.

Have they ever wondered why they get no respect from the nation ? If you search for it, you can see a few instances – find a few ignorant people who like them – but on the whole, the country isn’t impressed with them, IMO. For eg., compare how common men of America treat their armed forces and then compare how the people of India treat their military. They are a just a secure job. That’s it. I have no respect for most of the men working in the military. When I see a fellow in uniform, I genuinely want to walk up to him and spit in his face  that is if I can’t piss on him. But that’s taking it too far.

There have been occassions where they did serve. Recently, the army was cleaning out a river base for a religious organization to hold a camp! WTF is going on ?
At least this should give an idea to the powers that be. One of them can be that once a month the stationed officers in respective cities clean out their local water bodies.
Or fix local roads. Or help the society in ‘some’ way. If they can sit and ponder, you will never run out of things you can do for the society at large.
You will rarely, if ever, see a military vehicle stopping on a lonely road trying to help someone whose car has broken. Make this your mission. If there is no national emergency, serving citizens in whatever way possible should be your priority.

I have experienced this first hand. The way they close and cordon off roads meant for public use is appalling. You are meant to be civil servants
and integrate with the society. Not pride yourself and cordon off specific areas in residential zones to be
used by your proud asses. It is suppossed to be citizens first, you assholes! If your tiny brains can think – they don’t even have to do that – just look up google maps and see if the road your cordoning off is a shorter link between two arterial roads dont be a dick and close it.

You do a good job in parading people in shows of military might. At least they are good at showman ship – I give them that.

They have mostly beeen a colossal failure at protecting the country.
When the Pathankot airforce base was attacked a few months ago, it took them over 3 days to clear out a limited geographic area and still were beaten by a handful of poorly trained militants. Read that again – The nations most important air base was attacked by a handful of
miscreants and the think tank of the country’s protectors and the men who are given that job, took over THREE days and THREE nights to clear them out. And still couldn’t do a complete job !
And there is news that there were insiders involved. Men, who were supposed to be of honor sold national secrets. After all the benefits they get, they sell their souls for pennies.

I think the mental maturity of people being employed by the military, in all ranks, is weaning. As was shown in the way they handled the Pathankot air base attack. Rewind back to Kargil – What idiot commander hands out a satellite phone to a journalist which was then traced by the Pakistani
military to kill soldiers in Kargil ? All the details were summarised in this letter
Benefits – The ones that I know include free or heavily dicounted travel by road and rail. Free accomodation for family. Free education for kids. Subsidised groceries. Even subsidised alcohol
Basically they never pay tax on anything they buy. Anything ! When they retire they keep getting a hand some pension and the government will give them land parcels and assist in getting petrol pump permits,
food and liquor licenses and God knows what else.
Do you know how hard an average middle class working fella works to be able to provide all this to his family ? And you are getting it for free. You thankless bastards!
Of course, due to YOUR choice of joining the military and YOUR decision to make a career out of it. What does the nation get to hear for all this ? All the cribbing your family does on the hardships they face because you are
in the military. Get real ! Sit them down and tell them that you are not fit for living the average middle class life that most of the country lives. And show them the reality and what a common man goes through. Of course, only
if you yourself know. I know most people serving the armed forces have done so for generations. So I won’t blame you if your parents never sat your sorry ass down and told you what real life is all about. Carry on, in the infinite
ignorance of the real life challenges 90% of the nation faces.

Bereft of honesty, the organization is infested with scams. I started hearing about it when there was a coffin scam for slain soldiers. I could not believe that a politician hand in glove with the concerned departments in teh military
could think of pulling this off. I mean, a person is dead. I really wonder what else goes on in a mind which can think of profiteering even when organizing for a coffin ! I have seen first hand the coast guard and the little navy boats
selling diesel to fishermen. No wonder they are not actually patrolling our coasts letting terrorists like Kasab and his clan into the country. Adarsh land scam. Wife swapping scam. You just have to google for scams and the other side
of the – what was supposed to be the most honorable organisation – shows up.
I say out source our military requirements to the US. This way, the budget on military spending is limited.
Politicians aren’t bribed by ammo manufacturers. It is almost certain they will do a better job than the mob we have.

Do you know why people in the US love their military ? It is for a lot of reasons I mention above. They are not raping women in trains
They are really serving the country and its people. They get some benefits (like college fees) that I know of yet take a humble pride in being who they are.
It is almost impossible to expect this from the Indian armed forces. Invictus games did not invite the Indian military ! Why ? And why didn’t the honchos think of taking this up.
For their men. Is their pain not real ? Do Indian soldiers not get PTSD ? I have a feeling, everyone
accepts the open secret. Most soldiers have traded their souls. For the benefits, I suppose. What PTSD ?

There are some men and women who genuinely want to serve and protect the nation. For them, I feel sorry. I feel sorry that you don’t have the required support system. An honest machinery
to help you achieve what you want. One option can be to migrate to a better country, adopt it and protect their land. For those who still carry on and have the unbreakable will to guard this nation ruled by spineless politicians – I salute you.

Anti voting

December 15, 2010

Voting by SMS has become a very common way people vote for their favorites on TV shows. Of course, not many of us even realise how much we are being ripped by the SMSs we send.
On popular shows, there are thousands and thousands of SMS supporting a particular individual or team.

However hard it may be for me to believe that there are people actually who are spending money in airing their voice in support for their chosen one, I believe there also should be a system which lets the money spending people say which are the most despicable fellas on the same show ! Yea ? Think about it. We have A,B,C and D participating. Over time, I develop liking for C and am ready to spend money to vote for C. This is where the current format of the SMS based voting stops. Now, over this same time I developed liking for C I also had some disliking for A and tremendous disliking for D. There is no way, at the moment where I can say that C should win and D should lose, in my opinion.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a non-vote for participants as well ? The channels and the mobile service providers could make even more money and the most deserving fellow, per me will have one vote for him/her and the most undeserving fellow, per me, will have one vote against !

Can I get some royalty for this genuine, mind-boggling, never before thought idea ? 😉

P.S: I think this idea could also snowball into the general elections for the country. I can vote for and against different parties. That would be a true demonstration of democracy. I love to use my self coined word, democrazy !! If I am allowed to vote for who will be the governing body, I should also be able to vote who should never make it to the governing body. My voice. My vote.

Do you have any questions for me ?

July 28, 2010

I take interviews. Quite a few of them. For the organizations that have employed me in the recent past. I think because they trust my skills in picking up people who will be revenue generators for the organization.
So, I know. How to seperate the rice from the chaff and I ‘know’ which blokes are scalable, you know.
I dont know where this trend started from. I want to find the person who started this and then strangle him till the pain explodes inside !
If as a courtesy, I ask someone, ‘any questions’, towards the end of the interview, I am invariably bombarded with some or the other ‘off the hook’ question. How did my company do in quarter 3 ? DUDE !! Get a life man. How do you think I will know that.That figure is just a mail in one of my psts.
I dont get esops so I am not even interested to know how many percentage of a turnover year on year increased !
If there is nothing interesting, then just say, ‘no questions’. Thats it. How hard can that be.
So, I searched the net and every article and forum I came across, some one or the other said ‘hey, dont forget to ask ‘something’ or the other. But ask. Dont sound/look like a fool. You HAVE to ask something’
Man, that advice can make a few people lose an opportunity. For example, I may have really wanted my company to make an offer to someone, but just because there was a question, I was not interested in ( You can never know what I am interested in ! ) answering, I give the a person a few negative marks, just for trying to be smart. Now this jack ass would end up being the same way in client calls.. and then the client would get pissed and then the manager would ask, who da hell hired this guy, and I would have to put up a red ass. So, please, for Christ’s sake. Dont ask a question, if you dont know nothing about it.

Cheers !!

A small rant on the defense forces

July 19, 2010

A small rant on the defense forces.

I plan to make this a series. A series of my pains on just seeing how much a life of comfort they live (yeah, physical exercise was supposed to be a part of the deal in the offer letter !).

This began with some exposure to NCC. In one of their camps, I ate. For free of course. And over heard people who wanted to submit false inflated bills, for the procurement of vegetables. It was just humor for me then. Now it hurts. I pay the taxes now, exorbitant ones at that. and I am perplexed to know that my taxes aren’t helping my country but just a few con men.
The recent findings from the military forces are mind boggling.

One of their boys discovered the insurgency in Kargil way before the officials declared that there was indeed trouble. The recent findings suggest the big boys underplayed the small boy who knew of this all way before.
There are probably like a zillion land deals that are just going un noticed, from which, needless to say someone is making money.
There was a huge scam unearthed even the dealings of the coffins that would be used to bring the martyrs back home !
The bamboozled politicians are sure making a buck out of all this too. What national shame.

This probably was only for the land forces.
I went crazy hearing that the IAF has honored the master blaster (ST) with a captain’s medal.
I say I want it to. If I wasn’t able to bring glory to the country, its the fault with the management. The govt. didn’t pick me up to display my skills. I am a master blaster too, make me a captain !
What is your point in doing air shows ? Why are you burning up the public money. I hope you realize the cost of airline fuel.

The Water forces aren’t to be left behind. There were a string of sting operations carried by the television channels on replicating how the explosives were smuggled through the water route for the 92 bombings of Mumbai. And the smuggled in apples in place of bombs and no one stopped them ! God alone knows what the coast guard and the naval forces were doing. There is a lot of ground reality in knowing that a few lower ranking fellas have been selling away the ‘free’ diesel that they get to the fisherman’s steamers.
No wonder Kasab and company came along through the seas.

All the forces, I guess, are too over staffed although the publicize they are understaffed. What are the boys used for ? For decorating gardens,

sweeping the huge mansions, waxing the statues. I say make them useful for the city they are in. Let them join hands with the municipal authorities and help the city they are stationed in, for its cleanliness.

There are too many things that I would have wanted to say, but I will just write about a few.
Talking about the high handedness and the ecstatic attitude, in general, these guys carry, is baffling.
On top of that is a like a chip on their shoulder. You would have definitely witnessed these scenes in your city’s railway stations, because I have in mine and am sure this happens everywhere.
A huge truck comes and out jumps a man in a uniform. Rushes into the station, comforts his arse on the seat… and the truck goes away. Well, that bloke just spent my tax money on getting his ass from the unit to the station .. in a fishing truck ! Its another heart burning thing to know, that the railways gave him a huge discount on his travel fare. Its the same thing that repeats when that boy who went home will return. A truck will come and pick him up. I have grown up witnessing the defense drivers parking their huge ass vehicles in the city’s no parking zones ! I mean, the rules were meant to be same for everyone, and why did these guys park in the no-parking zone ? To buy fish for the colonel. And that too, they come in those huge ‘Shaktiman’ trucks to purchase a kilo of fish !

A house is a distant dream for an average Indian, isn’t it ? It is for me, so I brand it as, it is, for everyone, Since I am the common man.
For the facilities, like a house, discounted prices on products ( no fishing tax, they pay ), education for kids, booze, guns, vehicles, clubs,

golf courses, hospitals, et cetra.. so many of these things/facilities, a common man like me will probably spend his entire life struggling and saving every single penny, at times cursing the government for the rising prices and the crazily inflated inflation… these guys ‘just get it’.
Well, wait even moving around those places (other than the Military Hospitals) they will do it in that truck whose engine is just burning away my tax money.

Their families have the luxury of moving around in those fuel guzzling 4×4 Gypsies just taking a swing around the city, looking at people with disgust, like the people were an esoteric lower class set of men, they move around. where A common man burns his ass in the heat of public transport.

There are so many other facilities that are provided, which I will definitely touch base on later.

Lets get to the part when they have lived out their career of false prestige and wasted public money. Upon retiring, they are given many freebies, depending on the cadre. Free lands, petrol pumps etc. other than a fixed pension ! Did you read that right ? Can you soak that in ?

Nevertheless, the job demands sacrifice and pain and staying away from the family (for few) and all that blah blah blah.. but hey, you knew about that when you joined the fishing job!

As someone once said, as an analogy, its like keeping a pet, a dog to be precise. You have to feed him, so he will bark and protect, in all probability, when you have an intruder.

Well, I think we would save a LOT of tax money if we could probably outsource this service. The biggest portion of all budgets is mostly given to the defense forces, we will be saving tons of money through this.

I have no talent

May 14, 2010

Do you feel like saying this to yourself ? Or are you saying this to yourself everyday ?
Well, Where is the one who really has no talent. Where is the one who cant build great buildings, cant do great dance, cant do great music, no great jazz, cant play great cricket ….. basically, has no special talent. Where is the one who is like me ? 🙂 However, this shouldnt be mistaken as a disability. Yes, I can play music, yes I can dance, yes, I can read blue prints, yes I can hit the ball out of the park. But am I passionate about doing such things? NO! Hell, no.
I am the one who wants to be on the ‘other side’. May be with some rum in one hand and a cigar in another. May be with just a pen between my teeth and contemplating on where Utopia may be.. I mean, I just want to be audience and appreciate things, you know. May be criticise them at times.Its as simple as that. But, yes, hey, I just figured, I am passionate to be an audience 🙂

How to use an elevator

October 10, 2008

Is the lift going up or down ? Common question, huh ?
One of my friends who got pissed off with the increase in such questions whenever he was in a lift started answering this question.
Whenever anyone asked if the lift was going up or down, he answered, “neither ways mate, tis going to London”
I wonder at times, what is it about elevators and the keys that control it, that people cant understand ?
Highly educated people. Software Professionals, Project managers and all those “big” people who get paid till their throats choke, also falter on this.
Hell, money can buy you expensive perfumes and cars not brains !
Typically there are two keys that you can press. Those keys mean : If you want to go down, press the key which points downwards and if you want to go up than the level you are on, then press the key which sort of looks like it is pointing up.
Thats about it. How hard can this be.

Ideal Futuristic City’s Architecture

June 10, 2008

This is my idea of what an ideal city would be, in a few years.
What you have to basically understand, is, what a city is made up of.
this is an abstract list of the things and behaviours a typical city would have.
1) Houses (residential places)
2) Offices (Workplaces)
3) Recreation (Parks, Gymnasiums, Zoo,Restaurents, pubs and Theaters)
4) Shopping malls
5) Health (hospitals and healing centers)
6) Religion ( religious places)
7) Outer city limits ( boundary of the city)
8 ) Education (educational institutes)

now picture this.

You are looking at clusters. 7 of them. The 8th one is really a virtual boundary of the city that I will be making.
When I say clusters, you can imagine huge(I mean really huge) circular(or may be square) buildings.
All of these clusters will be built so they are earthquake,lightning (and all other possible calamaties) proof and probably be painted with a paint which already comes with a fire repellant.We are talking about gigantic structures so it is implied they will have express lifts too.
Every structure will have its own emergency units trained for multiple emergencies and ofcourse exceptionally networked with each other.
Each of these clusters would be connected with a Multi Modal transport system which would run at altering speeds depending on its usage. For example the frequency of the trains would be more at rush hours and relatively lesser at other time periods. There would be one dedicated train available all the time at all the clusters for emergencies.
Without snatching the innocent joy of playing in the gardens and getting drenched in rain and going out for a walk with the elders in the house… all the clusters would be surrounded with beautiful parks with huge trees everywhere. All the parks would be outside and surrounding the clusters to have the natural feel. There will be one petrol pump too. I dont want to rob the joy that humans get when they drive their automobiles. I would always love to take my de-modified bullet out for a drive once a week. All the clusters will be connected alternately with roads and walk paths. The usage of roads for automobiles will be very limited, where you will be allowed to take your automobile out on the roads once a week. Exceptions will be made for the driving schools.

Now, you can imagine the life of people living in my city. Everything moving in order and at peace with every other thing in the city.
Everyday morning you wake up, you are in the residential cluster. You take a lift to the station and there you have a train waiting to transport you to work. Your children will follow the same suit.Your parents can take a train to the parks and have a walk around there. So many things are sorted. You can imagine till your mind drops. You dont see a person dying because he didnt get medical attention, because he was stuck in a traffic jam. No Consumption of petrol. The Cellular companies save by installing lesser but more technically advanced equipment. You live better.

Although just an idea, I think one day, all the cities of the world will be modelled this way. There is no other way out. You GOTTO have better infrastructure and you have a right to live life the best possible way, its after all, one life.

Baby in a pram – rant

June 2, 2008

I really feel for the young babies being wheeled around in prams.
Picture this, a deserted evening. The sun just about setting so its making the blue skies dipped in orange color and somewhere an aged gardener sprinkling water on plants and trees along the road, giving rise to that irresistable smell that comes when earth is watered. I am sitting on a bench watching them. A young couple walking on a road where vehicles ply, albeit, rarely, with their baby in a pram who is so small that its hands fully spread wouldnt even cover 1/8th of your palm. True torque style, a motorcycle zaps by the pram throwing its exhaust fumes …and the baby doesnt even have enough air in its lungs to cough ! Blinking eyes rapidly, It just keeps moving its hands across her face, as if trying to clear away the smoke.

Now this is a rant against young couples who have just become parents and think moving their babes around their apartments and localities in a pram, is very “in”. If you have pictured the above scenario properly, you can imagine anything happening to that young child. An autorickshaw passing by and a careless smoker throws a cigarette ? A dog near by comes all of a sudden and puts his head in the pram ? Just a few of the hazards you can think of. There can be so many more imaginations. I can only imagine how hard this can be for the baby. Poor child.

Ever thought how a baby will stop crying just when it is given back to its mother. They say a baby stops crying as soon as it is given back to its mother is because it can synchronise with the harmony of its mothers heart beats. Its been listening to it for 9 months ! It has a profound effect on babys, what they hear when they are still in the womb.In a recent experiment pregnant ladies were repeatedly made to listen a specific rhyme. After the baby was born and a couple of months old, when the same rhyme was played, the baby responded to the same music. You gotta keep that child closer to your heart man. I can only see the future of our country going down the drain with broken families and depressed youngsters.

Its a gift to be a parent. Scriptural studies suggest that if you are to receive the highest blessings from the cosmos, it will be channeled through your parents. Thats the law. A wo/man who unfortunately get cursed by parents have no salvation, they say. You have to feel and realise this power in you…And THIS is the treatment you give to your child. I am sure hes gonna grow up and kick your butt when your old. Or atleast kick the wheel chair you might be in.
Can you imagine the plight of a couple who cant concieve? I have seen them so closely, you cannot imagine the mental agaony you go through ALL the time.

If you think you cant carry the weight of a baby, you dont deserve being a mother.Thankfully, its not too prevelant that a mother doesnt hire a financially unfortunate mother to provide mothers-milk to the baby. Again, if you think about it, this will be the future.

I still remember the days when my mother used to hold me in her arms and go about doing her daily chores.In the nights my dad used to sing lullabies, lying me on his chest. wow..those were the days. I still cherish those memories. Alas the new generation kids wont even have memories to remember !

Take clue from the women who work in the field. They tie their child to their backs and do their job. They will not even put the child under the shade of a tree and go about doing their job. Get a baby holder. Keep your child closer to your heart, cos thats where they belong, atleast momentarily.

I Proud to be an Indian

May 20, 2007

I proud to be an Indian
I will not open my mouth come WHAT may. I will simply open my pants, and allow myself to be screwed.

I will not make way for an ambulance to overtake me, I basically do not even know why these fellows blow the sirens… tis so damn irritating !!

I will never help a woman or an elderly person. or be courteous towards them .. what is chivalary by the way ?
I am the king of the road, every other fellow is just another bastard on the road.

I will spend thousands of Rupees, buying a cell phone, but will never do charity.

I will not care about the pain( physical, monetary, psychological) that my family goes through, but will blow money on the requirements of my girlfriend, (..ofcourse.. cmmon.. who doesnt wanna have sex)

If I see a person crossing the lane, I will make sure that my vehicle almost brushes past him ( ..sadistic pleasures are an important part of life)

I will not speak up if the government hikes the prices of every single essential commodity.. (inflation is  apart of every economy …. cant help)

I will always have one destination in mind… destination..-> America!!
(what has my country given me)

I am ashamed to speak my mother tongue in front of a few fake-American accented BPO employees ( cant look like a villager u know)
I am ashamed to order in a restaurent Indian dishes. ( what if i cant go places, i can eat their cuisines )

I do not have the time to stand up and back protests being demonstrated by my fellow citizens.. ( busy, project deadlines ..u know)

It is my birthright to lick a firangs ass, all i need is some money thrown on my face ( .. its all about the money,honey)

It is my birthright, to help a firang give directions, when he is in India, but will not do it for an Indian ( ..bloody blacks)

I will be least bothered if the Queen decides to once again make Indiaa British colony, I am happy when i am ruled ( u get to see so many white babes!!.. and they did a good job last time they came, btw!)

I will slog my ass at my workplace for double the time than what I am expected to . ( what if the other fello gets the promotion )
I will look down upon anyone who advises me to breakfree and achieve mental/economic independance from my current lifestyle/job/midset to lead a better life. (..what foolish lunatics)

I will try to forget the teachings and the entire entities of whatever great heroes my country produced…( what crazy esoterics)

I will not faithfully pay the taxes, and yet blame the government for filthy roads ( .. the government officials are leeches, btw)
…. list continues