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Hyderabad, renamed

July 16, 2010

Having grown up in one of the best cities in India ( No, thats not because I grew up here. Thats because, I have been to and lived in enough cities in India, that I can definitively say, with all due respect to other cities, that Hyderabad is way way better than many other places of dwelling).

Most of us who just grew up, are surprised at the unprecedented explosion of the city. So, we decided to rename a few places in the city. 🙂

Hyderabad itself, we call it as New York city. Well, you see it is as though people from in and around are in NY.

The famous Punjagutta signal is the Times square. You know why we named it that. lol

The Necklace road is like Las Vegas. For the ‘opportunities’ and ‘thrills’ it offers. :p

The Hitech city, is rightly named the Silicon valley.

Many more to follow.


Paul, The Octupus

July 16, 2010

Congratulation Spain.

I have been so very touched with the Octopus being spot on everytime it made its predictions. If others were wondering, lilke I did, as to how it communicated its decision; it was just selecting a mullet from one of the bins (with the country’s flags)

If you have remembered there has been ample time given for the octopus to predict and the people to digest that fact.The predictions were way before the match began. In none of the matches that I remember did they ask the octopus just before a match, for its prediction. I am thinking there are other forces at play.

Taking into consideration what the great Edgar Mitchell and the institute of Noetic sciences says about thoughts, I think the entire octopus episode could have been the biggest illusion in history and has been a huge display of the collective power of human thought. Think about it.
Every prediciton it made, was put into the minds of almost every indivual who watches a tv, visits a pub, has a couple of friends etc. It was so widespread that I was surprised to see the general emotion in people around me too. People who have no knowledge of foot ball and do not even know what an offside is, even who cannot pronounce Espanol properly were all into it. So all in all, a majority of the population knew what Paul had predicted. So the ‘thought’ that ‘this’ (predicted) country will win was ingrained in the minds of billions of us. Against the thoughts from the relatively miniscule population of the country he predicted against, almost the entire world had ‘thought’ that the country Paul predicted will win. This in turn actually made us all do the thought work and make that country win. I am ‘thinking’, I will not be surprised to know if this was a secred project by some ‘thought’ful organization.
Just my two pence of ‘thought’ on this.

List of AR Rahman’s Inspirations

January 12, 2009

I have been itching to write about this for such a long time.
Rahman is truly a genious. However he is not insulated from “being inspired”
Following is my observation of his “inspirations”. I will keep adding to this list. I spoke about this to a good old friend of mine who is a huge Rahman fan, and he said they are all tunes/loops available on the net for anyone to download. However, following are my observations

Luka chhupi (Rang de basanti): The intro Guitar is a straight rip from the intro that comes in a song called “Dogs” by Pink Floyd

Background score of Rangeela and a lot of the songs in there: Are a direct inspiration from music by Deep Forest (their first album, the one with a green color album cover).

Telephone (Hindustani) : is directly inspired from a song called “Happy Nation”

Updated : 7th May.
Ok, I just skimmed through the recently released Ok Bangaram and I have to say, just on the first listen, I found two tracks to have been ‘inspired’
They are either a direct lift off or have a beat or a tempo changed.
1) Yedho Adaganaa – Bhagwaan sun mere dard bhare naare
2) Maayedho Cheyyava – Who wants to live forever (Queen – 3.10 mark)
I will give it another listen when I get the time and point some more out.


May 19, 2008


There is a plant in a pool. The circumference of the plant doubles everyday. It covers the entire pool in 20 days. In how many days does it cover half the area of the pool it is in ?


Obviously 19 days ! :p


May 19, 2008

One of the most interesting puzzles I came across.
There is a container of water of 1000 litres.
there are two other containers available. One is 5 litres and the other is 3 litres.
I want to measure exactly 4 litres. How do I do it?

Think about it, interesting…


Container A = 5 litres, Container B= 3 litres
First, fetch water in the 5 litres container and empty it in Container B. You are left with 2 litres in container A.
Empty the container B and pour 2 litres from Container A into B.
So now, you have an empty container A, and a container B with 2 litres in it.
Now fetch water in container A again. It has 5 litres. Fill the container B with 1 litre of water ( because it already has two litres). Guess what,
you now have your container A with 4 litres of water.
Smart… aint it.