Fire this man – Rajan – Reserve Bank of India

I whole heartedly wish that this man goes.
He and his team have lost touch with reality.

A common man now pays charges on
a)if some one deposits cash into his account
b) If he makes an online (NEFT) transfer
c) If he makes more than 5 transactions on an ATM. Given any ATM machine in India cannot dispense more than 40 bills, if one wants to withdraw over 100k from his account then one pays a fee !

Etc. The above are the only ones that I am aware of and I am surprised how all of this
has been passed by the RBI. I even tweeted to the idiots at RBI and asked them if they havent
implemented a policy where the banks should upgrade their machines from disposing at most 40 notes in a transaction,
why should a common man pay for withdrawing a lakh of rupees in a month. Now I can understand withdrawing a lakh of rupees a month may not be common place but the question still remains. Who is coming up with all this mindless bullshit ? I dont care if his resume shows him to be a superman – if a person at his level doesn’t have this basic vision, I don’t know how qualified he is to be the gov’nor.

When world over, the reserve banks are reducing interest rates, the man has failed in doing the same for India. Who needs this duck head ?
And there is a petition online for his second term ? Get a life !


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