Recollections of a residential program

So I was on a residential training program of a company who is currently enjoying my services. It was a new thing to stay in a hotel overlooking a pond across which my house is. All the soft beds and rich food is alright, I still need some junk food to carry on with my daily existence. Now, who could I confess this to in a band of people posing with facades of nonchalantness of their fella human being. They could talk a ton of shit about things useless, but a conversation of just a minute or two and the real wolf starts tearing out the sheep’s garb. And I have to run away. I can force people to get back to their originality, I cant stand them as such, you know. May be because I just dont care. Ok, let me repeat, I dont give a fuck 🙂
..So, although the stay started being exciting for the first few hours, it lost its sheen as soon as I started missing my daily cuppa Irani chai

I started missing the simplest things of life. My favorite mint tea with my morning news paper. Even practising switching between G to C to F to D chords of my acoustic guitar became such a great thing.For once, just once, I wanted to strum my guitar. For once, I wanted to practise my broken bow over my violin lying in some corner of my room. For once, I wanted to turn on my 586 pentium with 256 MB RAM and wanted to curse my laptop in comparission which is an i5 with 4 gigs of RAM. My 586 starts faster than the laptop. Overclocked it while I was learning the finer nuances of overclocking, and it has been one hell of a supercomputer of its times. I guess if all the 586’s got talking my fella would be proud of his processing speeds.

Met many people,well, some control freaks, some true laid back Hyderabadi’s. For once I had begun to feel that love at first sight may really exist. Most of us are adults enough to know that life aint a Bollywood movie, yea. But I guess, lonely sensitive pisceans shouldn’t really let their hearts out. The world is filled with people who can crush you out anytime. May be they have been giving you that lead, so you can bring your heart fully out, so they could just go one thud and crash it out all together ! Be careful my fellow piscean, I understand the bane and the boon. Say, how hard is it to be a man who wears his heart on his sleeve ? I guess many people(women) weren’t wired to be that way. They cannot take someone who likes to keep it simple, me thinks.

Team work is another important thing I learnt. You can give me what is required and give me the tools for it, and I can go all out and make something kick-ass on my own. I have always loved to play an individual game. I can set the expectations for myself and if I am falling behind, I can pull myself up, if I am surpassing I can pat my own back. I like to repeat this over and over, I am the one! Working with a bunch of people, on the same thing, is however a very different experience. So many egos, so many ideas, careful construction of words so no one gets hurt or demotivated. I mean, we have been a country which has been obsessed with getting rid of our egos. We have made many saints out of this concept. I guess, if renunciants practising the dissolution of ego are brought to the conference rooms in our organizations, and asked for ideas, boy, those guys are gonna have to take another couple of reincarnations to get rid of their egos.

Finally the rolling of the ball came to an end. Somethings learnt somethings lost. I was out in the sun, the burning fella looking down at me and saying, haven’t seen this bag of flesh for sometime. Let me roast him
up ! It was a strange feeling to be coming back home from home to my own favorite city, my dear Hyderabad. What a city to be in.



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