Yashoda Secunderabad

You think who can write a review on hospital services ?
Well, I can.
After a few repeated experiences, it is very easy to categorise hospitals.
I would only want to narrate an incident rather than give a review on the gamut of services the hospital offers. One of my friends N had met with a road accident which left the right side of his torso traumatic. Which means, his kidneys (liver and ribs) took a hit. The kid had some problems with his right kidney specifically. So, he underwent treatments and after a few weeks he was discharged from the hospital saying he was good to go.
After a few years, his blood pressure went for a toss. After a couple of obvious to-do things like reducing salt and starting exercise etc, he was adviced by a doctor to go in for a Renal Doppler test.
And lo, what does he find, his right kidney missing !!! After a couple of tests it was found that it had shrunk its size to 4 cms. When this boy went back to the hospital he only thought it was his good lick to meet the doc who had treated him, Gangadhar. However, to the kids surprise, the doc put the blame on the kid. Saying the kid was never bothered to come in for an evaluation after the discharge (which the kid was never asked to do). The doc also said, this was the most common occurance in most of the kidney trauma cases.
I wonder if this is true, why would the doc not ask the kid to come in for a review ? So whose ever fault it was, the young boy lost one of his kidneys these way. Talk about super specialty !


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