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USPs of Religion

January 18, 2011

Comparative study of many paths will lead us to believe a few common USPs that every school of thought subscribes to and makes all it students subscribe to the same.

I will try to write in a few words what otherwise should be a size of the dictionary.

To be happy is the ultimate aim, for any human being. There is no one way that will take a man to a higher frequency of vibration that he is already vibrating at. Assuming that the highest frequency of vibration will be the ultimate state of oneness with the universe. Where the subject and object have all melted. Where the knower, the knowing and the known are One.

Of a lot of study I have done on various paths that disparate schools of thought offer, I can now, easily point out that almost all of them are just advertising themselves as ‘The path’.I am extremely pained when I see some common USPs, which I will list out later here, which are common across all schools. It is appalling to know how most of them have forgotten themselves and thus made others forget, that theirs is just a device for a man to get on to a path. Condemning other paths and even comparison may not be the right thing to do. At this point it is also extremely important for the student to know that without trying out a couple of paths, to know which is the right one or rather the suited one is a difficult choice to make.

Here is what you will hear from almost every school of philosophy you will attend. With my interlocutory injunctions.

You are a chosen one to be on this path. You have practised this in some previous life time and thus are drawn to this path.

— Yeah, if it didnt help me then,

I dont know if it will help me now. It is very fortunate of you to have chosen to walk this path, since one out of thousand think about it, one out of those thousand who think, will know about it. One amongst those thousand who know about it will actually walk it. Like you are.

— Typical feel good words given to make the mind at ease.

Dont divulge whatever is being taught to you to other people.

— why ? Is what you teach illegal ? If someone will listen to it, if
it is in sync with his thought process, will only bring more people to this path.

Everyone, almost, will try to show you down and show you another path, refuse to even listen.
— why? since we have brainwashed you and we want your money son.

Just put your faith in us and we will see to it that your process of attaining nirvana is smoothed.

— if someone could do that externally, wow.

Our guru has taken the karma of so many of his disciples and thence so many of his disciples are doing well.

— you can be sure, he aint taking none of yours !

Practising what we preach,is going to help you, your neighbors, your family and even your ancestors who are dead already.

— talk about globalisation. Relax. That aint happening.

If a person is intelligent enough, the question gets pushed one ladder up. The answer when the question cannot really be answered, is thrown behind the abstraction of a previous incarnation or karma.

The stellar award goes to the statement where things are pushed into some previous incarnation.
For ex., just out of co-incidence, if one is practising vipassana, it said approximately after 7 births of walking the path, will one become a Buddha, but, who knows which birth this is ?

It wont be out of point to understand the power of our own minds. The mind will give you what you want! Its something like its own disaster recovery system. If you are in an illusory world of feeling that being in the company of a sage you will feel lightened, your mind will make sure you get that experience, since the fella is so tired of you making yourself believe that such a phenomenon is possible.

There really is no help available from outside. We can read books and read a few stories and learn a few tricks to fool the mind. Till the time we have learned to go within and surrender to our Selves, and take shelter within, there is nothing that is going to help. Each of us are responsible for our individual beings.