Anti voting

Voting by SMS has become a very common way people vote for their favorites on TV shows. Of course, not many of us even realise how much we are being ripped by the SMSs we send.
On popular shows, there are thousands and thousands of SMS supporting a particular individual or team.

However hard it may be for me to believe that there are people actually who are spending money in airing their voice in support for their chosen one, I believe there also should be a system which lets the money spending people say which are the most despicable fellas on the same show ! Yea ? Think about it. We have A,B,C and D participating. Over time, I develop liking for C and am ready to spend money to vote for C. This is where the current format of the SMS based voting stops. Now, over this same time I developed liking for C I also had some disliking for A and tremendous disliking for D. There is no way, at the moment where I can say that C should win and D should lose, in my opinion.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a non-vote for participants as well ? The channels and the mobile service providers could make even more money and the most deserving fellow, per me will have one vote for him/her and the most undeserving fellow, per me, will have one vote against !

Can I get some royalty for this genuine, mind-boggling, never before thought idea ? 😉

P.S: I think this idea could also snowball into the general elections for the country. I can vote for and against different parties. That would be a true demonstration of democracy. I love to use my self coined word, democrazy !! If I am allowed to vote for who will be the governing body, I should also be able to vote who should never make it to the governing body. My voice. My vote.


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