Green Recruiting

I don’t understand the hoopla behind conducting interviews.
Only a select bunch of fellas who, I don’t know whether they realise the power of hiring an efficient workforce, conduct interviews. Many of us including me, end up actually showing off the skills and talents we have rather than evaluating the other fella. I am improving though and have become an active and an alert listener.

My problem is with the paper used in interview(s).

Lets take a guess. On a weekend, in Hyderabad, say about 10 companies are conducting interviews. Say about 150 people turn up as the cumulative total of the interviews. So its 150 people going in for 10 interviews.So assuming each one of them takes only one resume, taking 5 pages as an average resume size, it turns out to 5 X 150 sheets of paper. Which is, 750 sheets of paper. A google shows that a tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets. So, things are still looking ‘green’. For now, I am ignoring the ‘xerox’ Photocopied certificates and photographs.
Assuming all of the candidates will go to all of the companies => 750 X 10 = 7500 sheets of paper. Whoooa. We have just helped in cutting off one tree ! Well, nearly. A tree for a day, just for evaluating people ? That is crazy behavior. Its about 4 trees a month. And about 50 trees a year. How many of us actually even plant one tree a year. Ok, one tree in 5 years ? None. The above is a bare minimum example. I have discounted too many people and too many interviews on working days.

For a few minds which want to hide behind saying the paper is already there, the tree is already killed ! I say, they are killing the trees because you want the darn paper. Stop the want for paper and the trees will live. Its high school economics. Demand and supply.

What if, we could all just digitize the entire process.Once when Hyderabad had an able leader, many offices were run paper free. Can we not just conduct paper free interviews ? How hard is it. All the candidates attending can bring in their USBs or floppy drives or CDs or DVDs. Arranging a laptop or a computer isn’t a big deal assuming the hiring is all done by IT majors. Yeah, we are assuming we have some solid anti-virus installed. And the resume could just move levels as a memory stick. How hard it can be ? All the certs could be scanned and verified too. At least for the evaluation purpose. usage of bio metrics should be used as well. Not too expensive to get finger print registering machines. Bio register the candidate. Finger print the fella. Avoid asking for photographs. This way, you can even make sure the guy joining and the guy giving the interview are the same people.

I am awfully and probably painfully surprised by the way the companies go about beating their jungle drums on being environment friendly and still overlook such simple things which can save so much of deforestation.
Its appalling to understand all the big wigs. All the big mouths. None of them could even think of this till date. If it was in our hands to save the earth and we did not even take a step for it, shame on us.


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