Do you have any questions for me ?

I take interviews. Quite a few of them. For the organizations that have employed me in the recent past. I think because they trust my skills in picking up people who will be revenue generators for the organization.
So, I know. How to seperate the rice from the chaff and I ‘know’ which blokes are scalable, you know.
I dont know where this trend started from. I want to find the person who started this and then strangle him till the pain explodes inside !
If as a courtesy, I ask someone, ‘any questions’, towards the end of the interview, I am invariably bombarded with some or the other ‘off the hook’ question. How did my company do in quarter 3 ? DUDE !! Get a life man. How do you think I will know that.That figure is just a mail in one of my psts.
I dont get esops so I am not even interested to know how many percentage of a turnover year on year increased !
If there is nothing interesting, then just say, ‘no questions’. Thats it. How hard can that be.
So, I searched the net and every article and forum I came across, some one or the other said ‘hey, dont forget to ask ‘something’ or the other. But ask. Dont sound/look like a fool. You HAVE to ask something’
Man, that advice can make a few people lose an opportunity. For example, I may have really wanted my company to make an offer to someone, but just because there was a question, I was not interested in ( You can never know what I am interested in ! ) answering, I give the a person a few negative marks, just for trying to be smart. Now this jack ass would end up being the same way in client calls.. and then the client would get pissed and then the manager would ask, who da hell hired this guy, and I would have to put up a red ass. So, please, for Christ’s sake. Dont ask a question, if you dont know nothing about it.

Cheers !!


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