Paul, The Octupus

Congratulation Spain.

I have been so very touched with the Octopus being spot on everytime it made its predictions. If others were wondering, lilke I did, as to how it communicated its decision; it was just selecting a mullet from one of the bins (with the country’s flags)

If you have remembered there has been ample time given for the octopus to predict and the people to digest that fact.The predictions were way before the match began. In none of the matches that I remember did they ask the octopus just before a match, for its prediction. I am thinking there are other forces at play.

Taking into consideration what the great Edgar Mitchell and the institute of Noetic sciences says about thoughts, I think the entire octopus episode could have been the biggest illusion in history and has been a huge display of the collective power of human thought. Think about it.
Every prediciton it made, was put into the minds of almost every indivual who watches a tv, visits a pub, has a couple of friends etc. It was so widespread that I was surprised to see the general emotion in people around me too. People who have no knowledge of foot ball and do not even know what an offside is, even who cannot pronounce Espanol properly were all into it. So all in all, a majority of the population knew what Paul had predicted. So the ‘thought’ that ‘this’ (predicted) country will win was ingrained in the minds of billions of us. Against the thoughts from the relatively miniscule population of the country he predicted against, almost the entire world had ‘thought’ that the country Paul predicted will win. This in turn actually made us all do the thought work and make that country win. I am ‘thinking’, I will not be surprised to know if this was a secred project by some ‘thought’ful organization.
Just my two pence of ‘thought’ on this.


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