My parents control my life

My mind boggles at knowing the fact that kids werent given an opportunity to study about something they were too damn interested in. They hold their parents, primarily, responsible for it. For it has been quite a societal fashion for the parents to be guiding their kids’ future in terms of the professions their kids can opt for. Generally they are based on what other parents are doing for other kids. All of us are a herd of sheep, in small pockets, in our own ways. You can see this mentallity everywhere. If one sheep jumps, all of them jump, with out knowing why they are doing it !! This point has been driven home by some of the latest Bollywood movies too.
Well, coming back to the kids who think life hasnt been fare to them, I say, GET A LIFE.

I will show you a glimpse about another esoteric people inhabiting our societies. The parents dont guide what their kids will do. The kids, being kids, dont really know what they want to do. Youve gotto be kidding me when you say a kid ‘really’ knows what s/he wants to do in life. Ofcourse, there are exceptions, very few of them. For ex. Sachin Tendulkar ! So, they go on, from class to class and from college to college. They have all the freedom in their lives. Independence with responsibility.

Now, lets compare the two kids we were speaking about so far. One whose life and future are directed by his parents. The other who is on his own, as far his future is concerned. We will call them A and B 🙂

As soon as they are out of graduation, kid A knows very well what he should be doing. He is just a part of the movie his parents have visualised. Thats a very bioscopic movie! B, on the other hand, is lost for words and thoughts. Join the army, may be study some more, may be go abroad and study. Should I just join a call center (hmm, nice bucks and sexy babes)..What is it ‘exactly’ that I want to do in life ? STOP. As soon as B is hit with this question .. he reels. falling off. Like the earth moved a few floors lower. I dont know what I want. Damn it. If you have not pondered on this question yourself, you will never know the pain B is going through right now. There are many grownups who dont have the balls to ask this question to themselves. We can discount them here. They are just a few sheep. 🙂
Now, can you look at B’s dilema. He is at a point in life where the grooves of his mind are working full speed. He is trying to make connections as well as clarifications from what he loves to do and what he can do. Unfortunately, all that he discovers is that there is nothing that he hates to do. lol.

Now, between A and B, A is the more happier fella. So kids, be thankfull to your mama and papas for being the directors of your movie. Its a seperate thing, that B will be smarter, more street smart and can face life and its challenges relatively easier.

You arent cursed. Cursed with a curse commonly known as ‘blessed with tremendous potential and infinte opportunities’ ! Can you feel this curse ? Can you imagine it ? Its too unfortunate to be cursed this way.


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