I have no talent

Do you feel like saying this to yourself ? Or are you saying this to yourself everyday ?
Well, Where is the one who really has no talent. Where is the one who cant build great buildings, cant do great dance, cant do great music, no great jazz, cant play great cricket ….. basically, has no special talent. Where is the one who is like me ? 🙂 However, this shouldnt be mistaken as a disability. Yes, I can play music, yes I can dance, yes, I can read blue prints, yes I can hit the ball out of the park. But am I passionate about doing such things? NO! Hell, no.
I am the one who wants to be on the ‘other side’. May be with some rum in one hand and a cigar in another. May be with just a pen between my teeth and contemplating on where Utopia may be.. I mean, I just want to be audience and appreciate things, you know. May be criticise them at times.Its as simple as that. But, yes, hey, I just figured, I am passionate to be an audience 🙂


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