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My parents control my life

May 17, 2010

My mind boggles at knowing the fact that kids werent given an opportunity to study about something they were too damn interested in. They hold their parents, primarily, responsible for it. For it has been quite a societal fashion for the parents to be guiding their kids’ future in terms of the professions their kids can opt for. Generally they are based on what other parents are doing for other kids. All of us are a herd of sheep, in small pockets, in our own ways. You can see this mentallity everywhere. If one sheep jumps, all of them jump, with out knowing why they are doing it !! This point has been driven home by some of the latest Bollywood movies too.
Well, coming back to the kids who think life hasnt been fare to them, I say, GET A LIFE.

I will show you a glimpse about another esoteric people inhabiting our societies. The parents dont guide what their kids will do. The kids, being kids, dont really know what they want to do. Youve gotto be kidding me when you say a kid ‘really’ knows what s/he wants to do in life. Ofcourse, there are exceptions, very few of them. For ex. Sachin Tendulkar ! So, they go on, from class to class and from college to college. They have all the freedom in their lives. Independence with responsibility.

Now, lets compare the two kids we were speaking about so far. One whose life and future are directed by his parents. The other who is on his own, as far his future is concerned. We will call them A and B 🙂

As soon as they are out of graduation, kid A knows very well what he should be doing. He is just a part of the movie his parents have visualised. Thats a very bioscopic movie! B, on the other hand, is lost for words and thoughts. Join the army, may be study some more, may be go abroad and study. Should I just join a call center (hmm, nice bucks and sexy babes)..What is it ‘exactly’ that I want to do in life ? STOP. As soon as B is hit with this question .. he reels. falling off. Like the earth moved a few floors lower. I dont know what I want. Damn it. If you have not pondered on this question yourself, you will never know the pain B is going through right now. There are many grownups who dont have the balls to ask this question to themselves. We can discount them here. They are just a few sheep. 🙂
Now, can you look at B’s dilema. He is at a point in life where the grooves of his mind are working full speed. He is trying to make connections as well as clarifications from what he loves to do and what he can do. Unfortunately, all that he discovers is that there is nothing that he hates to do. lol.

Now, between A and B, A is the more happier fella. So kids, be thankfull to your mama and papas for being the directors of your movie. Its a seperate thing, that B will be smarter, more street smart and can face life and its challenges relatively easier.

You arent cursed. Cursed with a curse commonly known as ‘blessed with tremendous potential and infinte opportunities’ ! Can you feel this curse ? Can you imagine it ? Its too unfortunate to be cursed this way.


I have no talent

May 14, 2010

Do you feel like saying this to yourself ? Or are you saying this to yourself everyday ?
Well, Where is the one who really has no talent. Where is the one who cant build great buildings, cant do great dance, cant do great music, no great jazz, cant play great cricket ….. basically, has no special talent. Where is the one who is like me ? 🙂 However, this shouldnt be mistaken as a disability. Yes, I can play music, yes I can dance, yes, I can read blue prints, yes I can hit the ball out of the park. But am I passionate about doing such things? NO! Hell, no.
I am the one who wants to be on the ‘other side’. May be with some rum in one hand and a cigar in another. May be with just a pen between my teeth and contemplating on where Utopia may be.. I mean, I just want to be audience and appreciate things, you know. May be criticise them at times.Its as simple as that. But, yes, hey, I just figured, I am passionate to be an audience 🙂

Working 12 hours a day

May 11, 2010

Isn’t that something we hear so commonly.

I leave my chair and stand up. No need to lock the machine, I aint going anywhere. I look around. I see. Hundreds of coolies. Just a handful of them who are actually engineers and are trying to even think. Most of them hardly even understand what they are doing. I sit back and do my work. After a few hours I look at the huge clock with an IST written below it, signaling the time in my country. And I see that I have worked for about 9 hours and then I know the reason, why I was feeling drained out. A hard days work for a java fella. So I lock my computer (yeah I shut it down on weekends, rest of the days the monitor is turned off. Yes, I believe in saving energy. Electricity saved is electricity produced) and leave my chair and stand up again. I am surprised to see everybody still glued to their monitors and looking upset.
I feel pity for them.
I also see a few who are just hanging around.
With all the education for so many years and the typical Indian upbringing that most of us have had, we have still not learned to manage time. Most of us are actually doing some distance learning/online MBA course. Talk about a thing as simple as time management. I am not too sure when the majority of us will be able to set our priorities straight.
I am back looking at them and wonder what their families go through.( We can discount the bachelor fellas here, they any way have nothing to do when they go home, so why not sit in the air conditioned office and just surf the net ! ) People who are married have their own share of shit. Since I am not married I am not aware of the typical complications involved. I think of the persons immediate biological family. The kid isnt able to spend time with his parents and siblings. What sorrow. I feel so sorry for those old fellas. All they have is solitude. No one to talk to. I am assuming when this typical unable-to-manage-time fellow reaches home, he just crashes and then wakes up the next morning to be the same bot (robot) again. Isn’t that such a sorry state to be alive in ? I mean, your parents are not going to be with you forever, why don’t spend some time while they are around, for later, all you would do is cry and repent. No amount of alcohol or medication will wipe out this guilt. The same probably goes for people who are married and have kids.

I don’t care, so I move on.

Then I meet another bunch of esoteric assholes. We are working in the IT you know, 12 – 14 hours of work is pretty common. I raise an eyebrow and see them puff away the smoke from their favorite cigarettes. Are you a jerk ? A voice inside me yells at them. I do not let it take the vocal route. It is so common to hear this from every body working in the IT industry. My mind again starts of on the thought train that I had originally began with..stop. I say. I don’t achieve nothing by thinking on what goes on ‘behind’ or ‘because’ of this poor guy. But then I cant help it. The typical Piscean heart goes out to all and sundry.

Isn’t it such a shame that you proudly say that I dedicate 12 – 14 hours a day to work. I mean, if you are building the next Brahmos or the next kick ass super computing nano computing, that is understood. Wait, if you are actually working on something so next generation, then you actually need better management of time and most important of all, good healthy natural sleep. Which work other than manual labor can take set amount of hours in a day.

I sometimes do not understand, why people, and managers on every rung in an organization cannot stand up and say that things will take time. For the love of Christ, Rome wasn’t built in a day ! Or to give it an Indian twist, the Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a year.
It is just so simple. Taking ample time to finish building a software product for someone. How hard can that be ?
The other fast approach actually leads to half baked code being fished out. Well, the upside to it is that it will always require maintenance 😉

I had a manager once who thought, that only if I was spending 12 hours in the office was I being productive !

May be he was used to working with a bunch of half headed nut wits who just believed in slogging it out at the office. Phew, what a life to live. Pity. My heart actually bleeds for them. Once it bled so much, that I woke up one morning, and found a few blood drops around my chest, and then I had to get some skin stitched up. lol.

I mean, all I had to say to him was ‘Get a life man’. I am a more focused guy when it comes to work. When I am working, all my energies are directed towards what I am doing. I am not thinking at the back of my head about a zillion other things. May be I am technically faster, atleast relatively. May be I don’t spend too much time on rediff or

I personally have felt that if a person is spending more than his usual shift time in the office, that person is A) unable to manage his time properly B) Has other personal issues which force him to be in office C) Is so technically challenged that he cannot complete the work in assigned hours. D) I doubt if he is actually working while he is stretching.

I think if we are all going to stress ourselves out this way, then we will have the worlds largest middle age population with some medical ailment or the other. On the other hand, I am afraid if most of us will give birth to our own Tyler Durdens. 🙂
… now that will be something to really really watch out for. ( Tyler Durden ? Fight club ? Still lost ? Sorry, this wasn’t meant for you to be read then)

Can we all just take it easy and be better time and expectation managers ?