Master of deception

I think, I am a master of deception. Deception, as in not in deceiving people of their money or valuables, but in simple misdirections. May be this has got to do something with me diving early into reading about people like Kevin Mitnick and people like Derren Brown. May be I find my story of deceiving hidden in Dexter’s screen play. Deception, in terms of innocent ways how I present myself and with just a little hint of the regional background of the other person, I can fake, fake to be from the same thought process. If you are a Muslim, you will see me as a muslim, a parsi, then you see me as a parsi and so on and so forth. There were only two times I was caught, just by the looks of it.

Once where an elderly person caught me and asked me if I belonged to a certain cast and I was caught off guard. I had to accept. The other time, where I was just about in my inner wear in a humid guest house, another guest entered and asked me if I belonged to a certain state in India. I was spell bound in both of these instances. Guess there’s much more to learn, for me, to be a perfect deceiver.


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