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Well educated boy

March 10, 2010

Well educated boy

Can some one please, for the love of Christ, explain the meaning of being a well educated person ?
One of my friends is getting married and we were going through a couple of profiles on the online marriage websites.. you know all of those sites where you can register yourself and search for prospective life partners. And I was surprised by how loosely the term ‘well educated boy’ and ‘no smokers’,’no drinkers’ was being used!

How can we all live insulated from the fact that life, is the one and only teacher that can make you a ‘well educated boy’. You could hold a PhD in nano mechanics or nano astro physics.. or whatever, but if you have lived your life under the cool shade of parents and not really been beaten down to your knees even once in life, can you really call yourself well educated ? I remember the dialogue that Rocky gave his kid in that movie “Life aint all rainbows and sunshine….”.
I am not really too much into education. I am thankful enough to my father for having allowed me to become a graduate. Yeah, we still don’t live in a country where education is free !So my dad did have to shell out a lot of money untill my graduation and then I decided, he shouldnt be blowing his hard-earned money on a person like me. After my graduation, I was well aware of my talents and knew that I can make a living anywhere in the world. A barber, can do that for God’s sake… and mind you, no other profession other than being a barber is guaranteed to get you an income unless otherwise the abstract concept called God suddenly wakes up one day and says ‘hmm.. well.. no more hair from now on’ and the concept of hair on body disappears. Even govt. jobs run the risk of being privatised.

The boy shouldnt smoke or drink !!
I mean, can you believe that. I think 90+ percentile of all boys who are in the statistical mean/median of getting married do smoke or drink or do both. I believe that all of us, yes all of us, are somewhere some how driven by some addiction. Some smoke, some drink, some womanise, some do drugs, some drive, some race, some do something else. All of us are, as a matter of fact, addicted to something or the other. As Floyd once sang, There isn’t really a dark side to the moon. We are all there, shining in our own personal proud-to-be-of armours. How can smoking or drinking or any other habit make a person a ‘bad’ person. I think we have to put a full stop all this ‘bad’ boy nonsense. I say, anyone that does anything that makes him/her evil, is bad. Now we can actually go to great lengths to describe what evil can mean. For me, it just means, straying from being a good human. Hurting people, cheating, stealing, killing, doing all the things a typical religion teaches you not to do. Period. I hope we can move towards a better civilised and a relatively intelligent society, where marriages are not based on educational certificates and habits of individuals. Lets evolve. All you need is to pull out your compatibility meter and get going.