Tomcat startup window disappears ?

There are times when you start tomcat and suddenly the black little window that shows the status of the server, disappears, and you are like “hey wait, where did that window disappear ?”. You do this cycle a zillion times and still the black little window just appears and disappears, more or less like my salary 🙂

You were so far probably using startup.bat or wttomcat_start to start tomcat.
Here is what you can do so you can make that window start.
at the command line, am sure you know what that means, tab into the bin of tomcats and type: catalina.bat run
this will ensure that the window stays and shows you what the error was which was causing the window to disappear, wait, what did you think, the window just like that disappeared or what ?
Only in case your catalina.bat file doesnt exist for some reason then, edit tomcat/bin/startup.bat in one of the last lines change the keyword “start” to “run”.  Then run startup.bat

hope this was of some help to you



7 Responses to “Tomcat startup window disappears ?”

  1. 1111pr Says:

    that was great help


  2. Tomcat startup window disappears? Says:

    […] via […]

  3. praneeth Says:

    Thats the problem with port number in server.xml file, bcz u may/system may use that port for other app..

  4. andy__D Says:

    That was a great help – thanks very much – this helped me find a typo in my Catalina.bat that I wouldn’t have found otherwise – awesome, thanks!

  5. Lokesh Says:

    Hey Thank u .keep doing good work.

  6. rambabu Says:

    when i was tried to change server to run . it displays access is denied . why?

  7. Amulya Says:

    Thank You so much. It helped me to find out what the error was

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