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Translation and transliteration made easy

October 10, 2008

This is freaking cool.
I stumbled on this API by google and it looks very decent.
It is just one line of code it takes to translate your text to a different language.
Proper examples on translation and transliteration are on
Its ajax obviously, and performs very well. serves as a good first step to integrate this google API into your page

Hope this helps someone


How to use an elevator

October 10, 2008

Is the lift going up or down ? Common question, huh ?
One of my friends who got pissed off with the increase in such questions whenever he was in a lift started answering this question.
Whenever anyone asked if the lift was going up or down, he answered, “neither ways mate, tis going to London”
I wonder at times, what is it about elevators and the keys that control it, that people cant understand ?
Highly educated people. Software Professionals, Project managers and all those “big” people who get paid till their throats choke, also falter on this.
Hell, money can buy you expensive perfumes and cars not brains !
Typically there are two keys that you can press. Those keys mean : If you want to go down, press the key which points downwards and if you want to go up than the level you are on, then press the key which sort of looks like it is pointing up.
Thats about it. How hard can this be.