Ideal Futuristic City’s Architecture

This is my idea of what an ideal city would be, in a few years.
What you have to basically understand, is, what a city is made up of.
this is an abstract list of the things and behaviours a typical city would have.
1) Houses (residential places)
2) Offices (Workplaces)
3) Recreation (Parks, Gymnasiums, Zoo,Restaurents, pubs and Theaters)
4) Shopping malls
5) Health (hospitals and healing centers)
6) Religion ( religious places)
7) Outer city limits ( boundary of the city)
8 ) Education (educational institutes)

now picture this.

You are looking at clusters. 7 of them. The 8th one is really a virtual boundary of the city that I will be making.
When I say clusters, you can imagine huge(I mean really huge) circular(or may be square) buildings.
All of these clusters will be built so they are earthquake,lightning (and all other possible calamaties) proof and probably be painted with a paint which already comes with a fire repellant.We are talking about gigantic structures so it is implied they will have express lifts too.
Every structure will have its own emergency units trained for multiple emergencies and ofcourse exceptionally networked with each other.
Each of these clusters would be connected with a Multi Modal transport system which would run at altering speeds depending on its usage. For example the frequency of the trains would be more at rush hours and relatively lesser at other time periods. There would be one dedicated train available all the time at all the clusters for emergencies.
Without snatching the innocent joy of playing in the gardens and getting drenched in rain and going out for a walk with the elders in the house… all the clusters would be surrounded with beautiful parks with huge trees everywhere. All the parks would be outside and surrounding the clusters to have the natural feel. There will be one petrol pump too. I dont want to rob the joy that humans get when they drive their automobiles. I would always love to take my de-modified bullet out for a drive once a week. All the clusters will be connected alternately with roads and walk paths. The usage of roads for automobiles will be very limited, where you will be allowed to take your automobile out on the roads once a week. Exceptions will be made for the driving schools.

Now, you can imagine the life of people living in my city. Everything moving in order and at peace with every other thing in the city.
Everyday morning you wake up, you are in the residential cluster. You take a lift to the station and there you have a train waiting to transport you to work. Your children will follow the same suit.Your parents can take a train to the parks and have a walk around there. So many things are sorted. You can imagine till your mind drops. You dont see a person dying because he didnt get medical attention, because he was stuck in a traffic jam. No Consumption of petrol. The Cellular companies save by installing lesser but more technically advanced equipment. You live better.

Although just an idea, I think one day, all the cities of the world will be modelled this way. There is no other way out. You GOTTO have better infrastructure and you have a right to live life the best possible way, its after all, one life.



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