Petrol Prices Hiked

When is this going to end ?

Eventually, now, they say the increase in spending power is causing the rise in the inflation.
Petrol prices hiked by Rs. 5. Dont think this is too much of a hike for a busy house hold where the man and the woman of the house are both earning, well, doing code. Think about the other people. Round about 80% of a typical city’s population is non IT. This is going to have a tremendous impact on their existence. Its a chain affect. Now everythings price would increase. The fares of the public transport, the price of vegetables, Carbide rippened fruits..etc.Its progressive, you see.
Now, the governments of different states are reducing sales tax on petrol. Do you think the minister making this decision would be a fool to cause loses to the state ex-chequer ? Aww.. cmmon they ARE going to increase prices of other essential commodities like cigarettes and alcohol. A rise in cigarette prices is coming.
I end up paying so much of tax and am sure are so many other boys and girls. There really is no clue as to where the money is going.No improvement in power supply systems, no improvement in the transport and commutation systems.The life of a human continues to get cheaper by the day. Heck, one goes and a million are supplied, they say ! …and No one knows what the Right to Information means !
I heard from somewhere that all these oil companies post humongous profit margins in their annual reports. Why doesnt the government urge these companies to go on a cost cutting spree ? When is it going to end. Now, the boys are gonna make some hullabaloo about the price rise.. one week and everything is going to get back to normal.
I think all of this will have to eventually end when the people of India awaken from their slumber of electing wrong people to lead them, who time and again have made wrong decisions. This is a wake up call for more and more younger and dynamic people to get into the politics of India and improve things. Else, we are looking at a very bleak future.
I think this is the most catalystic time for people investing their time in coming out with alternate sources of energy that petrol can produce. You can have peace, for it is proven, time and again, anything that starts getting extinct will be replaced by a newer and a better thing (read Science of Growing Rich ?).



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