Baby in a pram – rant

I really feel for the young babies being wheeled around in prams.
Picture this, a deserted evening. The sun just about setting so its making the blue skies dipped in orange color and somewhere an aged gardener sprinkling water on plants and trees along the road, giving rise to that irresistable smell that comes when earth is watered. I am sitting on a bench watching them. A young couple walking on a road where vehicles ply, albeit, rarely, with their baby in a pram who is so small that its hands fully spread wouldnt even cover 1/8th of your palm. True torque style, a motorcycle zaps by the pram throwing its exhaust fumes …and the baby doesnt even have enough air in its lungs to cough ! Blinking eyes rapidly, It just keeps moving its hands across her face, as if trying to clear away the smoke.

Now this is a rant against young couples who have just become parents and think moving their babes around their apartments and localities in a pram, is very “in”. If you have pictured the above scenario properly, you can imagine anything happening to that young child. An autorickshaw passing by and a careless smoker throws a cigarette ? A dog near by comes all of a sudden and puts his head in the pram ? Just a few of the hazards you can think of. There can be so many more imaginations. I can only imagine how hard this can be for the baby. Poor child.

Ever thought how a baby will stop crying just when it is given back to its mother. They say a baby stops crying as soon as it is given back to its mother is because it can synchronise with the harmony of its mothers heart beats. Its been listening to it for 9 months ! It has a profound effect on babys, what they hear when they are still in the womb.In a recent experiment pregnant ladies were repeatedly made to listen a specific rhyme. After the baby was born and a couple of months old, when the same rhyme was played, the baby responded to the same music. You gotta keep that child closer to your heart man. I can only see the future of our country going down the drain with broken families and depressed youngsters.

Its a gift to be a parent. Scriptural studies suggest that if you are to receive the highest blessings from the cosmos, it will be channeled through your parents. Thats the law. A wo/man who unfortunately get cursed by parents have no salvation, they say. You have to feel and realise this power in you…And THIS is the treatment you give to your child. I am sure hes gonna grow up and kick your butt when your old. Or atleast kick the wheel chair you might be in.
Can you imagine the plight of a couple who cant concieve? I have seen them so closely, you cannot imagine the mental agaony you go through ALL the time.

If you think you cant carry the weight of a baby, you dont deserve being a mother.Thankfully, its not too prevelant that a mother doesnt hire a financially unfortunate mother to provide mothers-milk to the baby. Again, if you think about it, this will be the future.

I still remember the days when my mother used to hold me in her arms and go about doing her daily chores.In the nights my dad used to sing lullabies, lying me on his chest. wow..those were the days. I still cherish those memories. Alas the new generation kids wont even have memories to remember !

Take clue from the women who work in the field. They tie their child to their backs and do their job. They will not even put the child under the shade of a tree and go about doing their job. Get a baby holder. Keep your child closer to your heart, cos thats where they belong, atleast momentarily.


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