One of the most interesting puzzles I came across.
There is a container of water of 1000 litres.
there are two other containers available. One is 5 litres and the other is 3 litres.
I want to measure exactly 4 litres. How do I do it?

Think about it, interesting…


Container A = 5 litres, Container B= 3 litres
First, fetch water in the 5 litres container and empty it in Container B. You are left with 2 litres in container A.
Empty the container B and pour 2 litres from Container A into B.
So now, you have an empty container A, and a container B with 2 litres in it.
Now fetch water in container A again. It has 5 litres. Fill the container B with 1 litre of water ( because it already has two litres). Guess what,
you now have your container A with 4 litres of water.
Smart… aint it.


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