I sincerely think that thinking cannot be changed.
The way how my left or right side of the brain works, is probably irrelevant to me or to any body and my daily existense.
They say activity in left side of the brain determines how good you are with numbers, well, then, my left side of the brain might just about be dead !!
You are born with the way your brain patternizes thinking.
No one can be made a Schopenhauer, pluto or Socrates.
They were born that way.
No rocket science though. Its something all of us are born with.
You cannot proclaim to be a better thinker after you have attended a few seminars on creative thinking and things like that. Programs which assure you will be a changed “thinker” /person(?) after attending their seminar.
Blaspehmy, I say !!
All they will give you is a lot of jargon and a lot of jazzy terms about reasoning and innovation and out of box shit, subjective objective thinking yeda yeda yeda  ( Does any one even know what all this means ).
Probably just a subset of a part of the esoteric society who want to proove and change something that should probably be left to nature and situations to do

I believe You can either be a positive thinker, a negative thinker or probably a “no thinker” at all… who just loves to watch the day go by and is there, present in the moment and enjoying it without having any thoughts at all… without any prejudice, enjoying everysingle thing his eye can see.. the clouds, the sun, the bees, the flies, the plants…being one with the universe for those particular moments… without even realising you have actually been a buddha for a short time!!!
The influencable thinkers are either positive or negative and THOSE cannot be changed completely as well . you can just about influence the negative thinkers to be positive. I have been a complete negative fuck. I have been an opinionated fart for a major part of my life.
Nothing but real life situations that a man encounters or is forcefully put in, can change the way a man thinks.
The only thing I believe can start having an influence on the way a man thinks is most probably by reading religious scriptures. I have been through a lot of shit, just as all of us have. I have observed how my mind responds and reacts to normal situations when I have been in those puddles of mud. I occassionaly try and read The Bhagwad Gita ( holy book of the hindus ), and every time I have, it has brought a new meaning  to my life. A new dimension to the way I think. I am out of the grind atleast for those few days. And as they say, once you are out of something, you get into somehting else!!There is no such thing as being at peace with the world. You can only be at peace with yourself. The mind can be the best friend of a man. It will not cheat you like the rest of the world, and will do things at your command. you are either its master or you are its slave.

Its not easy to change the way you think, because to change the way you think is to change the way you live and I believe that is something that deserves a lot of effort and thinking. 


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  2. Green Says:


    In few years we will see a result

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